Aug 1 – 5, 2011
AlbaNova University Center
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Thanks to all participants for coming to TeVPA!

The fields of high energy astrophysics, particle astrophysics and particle physics at colliders are dealing with some of the most pressing subjects in modern physics, like

  • What is the nature of dark matter?
  • What is the origin of cosmic rays?
  • How do cosmic accelerators work?
The complexity of the above mentioned questions makes it necessary to interprete the whole suite of experimentally available data consistently. TeVPA 2011 will provide this opportunity as a place where the consistency of experimental results can be checked and possible interpretations can be discussed among both experimentalists and theorists.


The format will be plenary invited talks before lunch and invited and contributed talks in parallel sessions after lunch. The invited speakers, with tentative titles, are:

  • AMS, Stefan Schael
  • Latest PAMELA results, Mirko Boezio
  • Air Cherenkov Telescope overview, Jim Buckley
  • Recent results from the LHC, David Berge
  • Recent results from neutrino telescopes, Ignacio Taboada
  • Recent results from Fermi, Seth Digel
  • Direct detection of dark matter, Paolo Gondolo
  • Recent results from AUGER, Lorenzo Perrone
  • Overview of recent results from ultra-high energy gamma ray experiments, Gus Sinnis
  • Cosmic ray acceleration and sources, Pasquale Blasi
  • Distribution of dark matter (observations and simulations), Justin Read
  • Dark matter in light of recent cosmic ray data , Fiorenza Donato

Parallel sessions
There are seven parallel sessions at TeVPA running in the afternoons:
  • Gamma rays. Conveners: Seth Digel, Christian Stegmann and Gabrijela Zaharijas.
  • Neutrinos. Conveners: Tom Gaisser and Dan Hooper.
  • Charged cosmic rays. Conveners: Mirko Boezio and Fiorenza Donato.
  • Cosmic rays above the knee. Conveners: Michael Kachelriess and Esteban Roulet.
  • Direct dark matter searches. Conveners: Paolo Gondolo and Neil Spooner.
  • Distribution of dark matter. Conveners: Andrea Maccio and Justin Read.
  • Particle physics. Convener: Kerstin Jon-And.

Local organising committee

  • Lars Bergström (Stockholm University)
  • Jan Conrad (Stockholm University)
  • Alessandro Cuoco (Stockholm University)
  • Hugh Dickinson (Stockholm University)
  • Joakim Edsjö (Stockholm University)
  • Chad Finley (Stockholm University)
  • Klas Hultqvist (Stockholm University)
  • Miranda Jackson (Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Maja Llena-Garde (Stockholm University)
  • Elena Moretti (Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Tanja Nymark (Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Mark Pearce (Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Antje Putze (Stockholm University)
  • Joachim Ripken (Stockholm University)
  • Felix Ryde (Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Christopher Savage (Stockholm University)
  • Stephan Zimmer (Stockholm University)

Scientific organising committee

  • Felix Aharonian (DIAS Dublin & MPIK Heidelberg)
  • Laura Baudis (U. of Zurich)
  • John Beacom (Ohio State U.)
  • Gianfranco Bertone (IAP Paris & ITP Zurich) - chair
  • Elliott Bloom (KIPAC-SLAC)
  • Jonathan Feng (UC Irvine)
  • Gian Francesco Giudice (CERN)
  • Francis Halzen (U. of Wisconsin, Madison)
  • Dan Hooper (Fermilab)
  • * Konstantin Matchev (U. of Florida)
  • Olga Mena (U. "La Sapienza", Rome)
  • Igor Moskalenko (KIPAC - Stanford U.)
  • Xinmin Zhang (IHEP Beijing)

The TeVPA 2011 Conference has received support from the Nobel Committee for Physics at the Royal Academy of Sciences and from the Swedish Research Council.

AlbaNova University Center