Apr 7 – 9, 2011
Europe/Stockholm timezone


AlbaNova University Center, hosted by Nordita, Stockholm, 7-9 April, 2011


Peter Minnhagen and Petter Holme

List of invited speakers

  • Lada Adamic, University of Michigan
  • Albert-Laszlo Barabási, Northeastern University
  • Jordi Bascompte, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas
  • Sebastian Bernhardsson, Niels Bohr Institute
  • Vincent Blondel, University of Louvain
  • Aaron Clauset, University of Colorado
  • Sergey Dorogovtsev, University of Aveiro
  • Birgitte Freiesleben de Blasio, University of Oslo
  • Thilo Gross, MPI Dresden
  • Kimmo Kaski, Aalto University
  • Beom Jun Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Renaud Lambiotte, FUNDP
  • Vito Latora, Catania University
  • Sune Lehmann, Technical University of Denmark
  • Fredrik Liljeros, Stockholm University
  • Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Harvard University
  • Juyong Park, Kyung-Hee University
  • Veronica Ramenzoni, MPI Nijmegen
  • Martin Rosvall, Umeå University
  • Jari Saramäki, Aalto University
  • Bo Söderberg, Lund University
  • Brian Uzzi, Northwestern University
  • Jevin West, University of Washington

This conference is part of the Nordita program Applications of network theory: from mechanisms to large-scale structure.

If you want to present a poster or give a talk you need to supply title and abstract upon registration.

Registration deadline: 15 March 2011 or when we have 70 participants registred.

Registration is over, the workshop is filled. We won't have a waiting list to replace cancellations. Interested local people are encouraged to interact with the surrounding Nordita program (see above). For other people we would like to advertise Netsci2013 with a partly the same organizers.

The program & abstracts can be downloaded here.