Aug 5 – 30, 2013
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Slides From Talks


  • Yunkyu Bang (Indiana University)
    "Overview of superconductivity in pnictides"
    Slides: PDF

  • Wei Bao (Renmin University of China)
    "Neutron Scattering Study on Fe-based Superconductors"
    Slides: PDF
    "Physics picture from neutron scattering study on Fe-based superconductors?"
    Review Paper: PDF

  • Annica Black-Schaffer (Uppsala University)
    "Odd frequency superconductivity in topologocal insulators and multiband superconductors"
    Slides: PDF

  • Donglai Feng (Fudan University)
    "Superconductivity in iron pnictides and chalcogenides: an ARPES survey"
    Slides: PDF

  • Gayanath Fernando (Indiana University)
    "Pseudogap and precursory effects: electronic phase separation in repulsive Hubbard clusters"
    Slides: PDF

  • Stefano Gariglio (University of Geneva)
    "Superconductivity at oxide interfaces"
    Slides: PDF

  • Vladimir Krasnov (Stockholm University)
    "Intrinsic tunneling spectroscopy of high-Tc superconductors"
    Slides: PDF

  • Kazuhiko Kuroki (Indiana University)
    "Overview of current status of theory of superconductivity in pnictides: role of electronic structure and spin fluctuations"
    Slides: PDF

  • Gerardo Ortiz (Indiana University)
    "Pairing from Repulsive Interactions in Quantum Hall Physics"
    Slides: PDF

  • Nicola Spaldin (ETH)
    "Status of ab initio studies of oxide thin films"
    Slides: PDF

  • Setsuko Tajima (Osaka University)
    "Electronic Phase Diagram of the Cuprates studied by c-axis Optical Spectra: Pseudogap, Superconductivity Precursor & Kinetic Energy Change"
    Slides: PDF

  • S. K. Yip (Physics Institute, Academia Sinica)
    "Superconductivity in non-centrosymmetric systems"
    Slides: PDF