Jul 3 – 6, 2012
6th European Congress Of Mathematics (Krakow, Poland)
Europe/Stockholm timezone

The thematic session "Mathematical Physics and Developments in Algebra" will be held for three days during the 6th European Congress of Mathematics. The session is aimed at bringing together mathematicians and theoretical physicists who are interested in modern algebra and its applications.


Tuesday, July 3:

15:45-16:25 Romuald Janik (Krakow) "Some uses of Hopf algebras in string theory and the AdS/CFT correspondence"
16:25-17:05 Maxim Zabzine (Uppsala) "Odd dimensional gauge theories and contact geometry"
17:05-17:45 Michael Shapiro (Michigan State) "Pentagram map and cluster algebra" abs

Wednesday, July 4:

14:30-15:10 Daniel Persson (Gothenburg) "Hyperholomorphic bundles and dilogarithm identities"
15:10-15:50 Igor Burban (Bonn) "Vector bundles on curves of genus one and the classical Yang-Baxter equation" abs
15:50-16:30 Eddy Ardonne (Nordita, Stockholm) "Quantum groups in physics: 2d topological states of matter and their edges"

Friday, July 6:

10:45-11:25 Jerzy Lukierski (Wroclaw) "Braided NC quantum fields and quantum covariance"
11:25-12:05 Hjalmar Rosengren (Gothenburg) "From three-coloured chessboards to Painlevé VI"
12:05-12:45 Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala) "Category O for quantum groups" abs

Schedule in the printable format: link

The talks will be at the AGH University of Science and Technology, room 118, A3.

The thematic session is one in the series of three events associated with ECM. Another event is the Mini-Symposium 25 Years of Quantum Groups: From Definition to Classification which will be held during the Congress, on the 5th of July. The speakers will include:

Yuri Manin (Bonn) "Symmetries and deformations in noncommutative geometries based upon operads" abs
Michael Semenov-Tian-Shansky (Dijon) "Duality for Poisson Lie groups and for Quantum groups: from Quantum R-matrices to Quantum Virasoro"
Stanislaw Woronowicz (Warsaw) "Drinfeld double in the C^*-algebra setting" abs
Efim Zelmanov (San Diego) "Towards classification of quantum groups"

Finally, there will be a conference 3Quantum: Algebra Geometry Information which will be held in Tallinn right after the Congress, from the 10th to the 14th of July.

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6th European Congress Of Mathematics (Krakow, Poland)