13-15 August 2014
AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden
Europe/Stockholm timezone

The contribution from star-forming galaxies to the reionization of the Universe depends on the galaxy luminosity function and on the Lyman continuum (LyC) escape fraction of galaxies at redshifts greater than z~6. While most activity in this field has so far focused on quantifying the luminosity function, this 3-day workshop focuses on current and future efforts to constrain the LyC escape fraction of galaxies at both low and high redshift, and the impact that this is likely to have on our understanding of cosmic reionization.

Topics to be explored include:
  • Direct and indirect methods to constrain LyC leakage (from the local to the high-redshift Universe)
  • Observations of LyC leakage
  • Theoretical perspectives on LyC leakage mechanisms
  • Simulations and observational probes of reionization: How can empirical data on LyC escape fractions help? Is it necessary to know the galaxy LyC escape fraction to prove that galaxies reionized the Universe?
  • Complications: Anisotropic leakage, IGM clumping factors, gravitational lensing etc.

Invited speakers (confirmed):

  • Nils Bergvall
  • Renyue Cen
  • Jeff Cooke
  • Elizabeth Fernandez
  • Kristian Finlator
  • Nick Gnedin
  • Akio Inoue
  • Ikuru Iwata
  • Tucker Jones
  • Han-Seek Kim
  • Sourav Mitra
  • Jan-Pieter Paardekooper
  • Brian Siana
  • Eros Vanzella
  • John Wise
  • Hide Yajima

Format: 3-day workshop with invited and contributed talks. We don't expect to charge any conference fee.

Important dates:

  • Abstract submission deadline: 25 May 2014
  • Final programme announced: 7 June 2014
  • Registration deadline: 20 June 2014

Workshop programme booklet: Apple iBooks version, PDF version

Scientific organizing committee: Erik Zackrisson (co-chair), Garrelt Mellema (co-chair)

Local organizing committee: Nina Nowak (co-chair), Garrelt Mellema (co-chair), Erik Zackrisson, Hannes Jensen, Suman Majumdar, Juan Gonzalez, Johannes Puschnig

Supported by: The Oskar Klein Centre, The Wennergren Foundation, Vetenskapsrådet

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AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden
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