Black Holes and Emergent Spacetime

from Monday, 8 August 2016 (09:00) to Friday, 2 September 2016 (18:00)
Nordita, Stockholm (122:026)

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11:00 Boundary effects in entanglement entropy - Prof. Sergey Solodukhin (University of Tours)   (Svedberg FD5)
11:00 Infalling observers and small black holes - Prof. Dan Kabat (City University of NY)   (Svedberg FD5)
11:00 Newton-Cartan and Carrollian geometry in holography and hydrodynamics - Dr Jelle Hartong (ULB)   (Svedberg FD5)
11:00 Interacting giant gravitons from Spin Matrix Theory - Prof. Troels Harmark (Niels Bohr Institute)   (Svedberg FD5)
11:00 AdS2 holography and non extremal black holes - Dr Ioannis Papadimitriou (SISSA)   (Svedberg FD5)
11:00 Microstate geometries and gravitational collapse - Dr Bert Vercnocke (University of Amsterdam)   (Svedberg FD5)
11:00 From Planck data to Planck era: Observational tests of Holographic Cosmology - Prof. Kostas Skenderis (University of Southampton)   (Room FB52)
11:00 Worldline Holography and the Static Patch - Dr Dionysios Anninos (IAS)   (Room FB52)
11:00 Gauge theory description of black hole evaporation - Prof. Masanori Hanada (Kyoto University & Stanford University)   (Room FB52)
11:00 Constraints on CFT three point functions - Prof. Manuela Kulaxizi (Trinity College Dublin)   (Room FB52)
11:00 Aspects of higher spin black holes - Dr Juan Jottar (ETH Zurich)   (Room FB53)
11:00 Some geometrical aspects of entanglement in CFT & Holography - Prof. Erik Tonni (SISSA)   (Room 132.028)
11:00 Entanglement, holography and causal diamonds - Dr Michal Heller (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)   (Room 132.028)
11:00 Entanglement propagation in 2d CFTs - Dr Pawel Caputa (Nordita)   (Room 132.028)
15:30 Bulk solutions for non-trivial boundary topology - Prof. Simon Ross (Durham University)   (Svedberg FD5)
15:30 Area, entanglement entropy and supertranslations at null infinty - Prof. Andrew Strominger (Harvard University)   (Svedberg FD5)
15:30 Smooth causal patches for AdS black holes - Prof. Suvrat Raju (Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)   (Svedberg FD5)
15:30 Kerr-Newman black holes in supergravity - Prof. Finn Larsen (University of Michigan)   (Svedberg FD5)
15:30 Coarse grained dynamics and holography - Prof. Albion Lawrence (Brandeis University)   (Svedberg FD5)
15:30 Entwinement in discretely gauged theories - Prof. Ben Craps (VUB)   (Svedberg FD5)
15:30 New exact entanglement entropies - Prof. Stefan Vandoren (University of Utrecht)   (Svedberg FD5)
16:00 (Nordita seminar) Relativistic hydrodynamics as an effective field theory - Prof. Mukund Rangamani   (Room FB54)
17:15 Welcome reception   (Nordita high energy room)
16:00 Emergence and Violation of Locality in Quantum Gravity - Prof. Ben Freivogel (University of Amsterdam)   (Room FB53)
16:00 Poking Holes in Hole-ography - Dr Sebastian Fischetti (Imperial College London)   (Room FB53)
14:30 Canonical Heterotic Throats - Prof. Nick Halmagyi (LPTHE)   (FB53)
16:00 Weyl anomalies and quantum cosmology - Prof. Atish Dabholkar (ICTP)   (Room FB53)
16:00 Generalized global symmetries, dissipative magnetohydrodynamics, and holography - Prof. Nabil Iqbal (University of Amsterdam)   (FB53)