Jun 11 – 29, 2018
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


The program will bring together a group of theoretical physicists, mathematicians, experimental biologists, and experimental biophysicists, to study the mechanisms by which i) protein assemblies, such as biopolymers, exert forces in cells, ii) protein assembly dynamics in cells are regulated by forces, and iii) the dynamics of force-generating assemblies are controlled by signaling pathways. The program will have an average attendance of about 20 scientists over a period of three weeks. It will enhance the formation of collaborative links between experiment and theory, as well as those between theorists using different methodologies. It will also clarify the links between apparently disparate, but related phenomena by bringing in individuals with a broad range of backgrounds. Finally, it will enhance the development of the mechanobiology community in the Nordic countries.

The workshop is open to researchers at all levels, including postdoctoral associates and students. Participants are expected to stay at least Monday-Friday of one week.

There is no registration fee.

To apply for the program, please use the "Application" link at upper left.

Nordita, Stockholm