Aug 23 – 27, 2021
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Time zone: CEST - Central European Summer Time (Stockholm time)

Scope and purpose

Recently, it has been realized that non-relativistic gravity encapsulates much more than Newton’s law of gravity. Different models of non-relativistic gravity have shown to not only be useful in describing the gravitational force in the non-relativistic regime but also provide a novel tool to elucidate non-perturbative phenomena in non-relativistic quantum field theories that are otherwise difficult to access. These new insights have their origin both in holography and the AdS/CFT correspondence in string theory as well as in effective field theory, hydrodynamics and condensed matter physics. Central to these developments has been the use of Newton-Cartan geometry along with related avatars, providing a powerful way to describe non-relativistic physics in a covariant manner, in parallel with the use of Riemannian geometry in the General Relativity. 

Applications in the last years include:  Lifshitz holography, fractional quantum Hall effect and other non-relativistic condensed matter systems, hydrodamics, modified gravity, supersymmetric extensions, supersymmetric field theories on curved backgrounds, non-relativistic string theory, and double field theory. The ultra-relativistic cousin, Carroll geometry, has likewise been relevant in the context of strongly coupled gravity, BMS symmetry, flat-space holography and black hole horizons. 

These recent applications of non-relativistic  quantum field theory, gravity and geometry in such a wide variety of areas make it opportune to organize a 5-day School on this topic which will enable participants from different backgrounds (condensed matter physics, mathematics, gravity and string theory) to get to the forefront of these ideas via a series of introductory lectures given by experts in the field.


The aim of the school is to give introductory and pedagogical lectures,  bridging the gap between graduate level basics and recent research developments.  We welcome both graduate students as well as more experienced researchers. The lecturers and topics are:

  • Jan Rosseel (University of Vienna): Non-Lorentzian symmetries and their gauging

          Session 1 | video |  slides |
          Session 2 | video |  slides |

  • Dieter Van den Bleeken (Boğaziçi University): Nonrelativistic Gravity from the 1/c Expansion of General Relativity

          Session 1  | video part1 | video part2 |
          Session 2  | video part1 | video part2 |

                         | slides | references |

  • Shira Chapman (Ben-Gurion University): Nonrelativistic Quantum Field Theory

          Session 1 | video | 
          Session 2 | video |

                        | slides |

  • Ziqi Yan (Nordita): Aspects of Nonrelativistic Strings

          Session 1   | video | slides |
          Session 2   | video | slides |

  • Natalia Pinzani Fokeeva (MIT):  Fluid Dynamics: A Modern Perspective

          Session 1 | video |
          Session 2 | video |

                        | slides |



The school will consist of five days of lectures, each day starting at 10 am (CEST) and include a morning and afternoon session. The first three lecture series mentioned above will be 4x40 minutes and the last two will be 3x40 minutes. There will also be a discussion session each day and lecturers will be available for questions and discussions.  A more detailed schedule will be posted later. 



If you are interested in participating in the school, please apply via the registration form (see left menu). As there may be limitations on the number of participants, we strongly encourage you to register before July 15, 2021.


Organizing Committee 

Eric Bergshoeff (Groningen University)

Shira Chapman (Ben-Gurion University)

Jelle Hartong (University of Edinburgh)

Niels Obers (Nordita & Niels Bohr Institute) 

Dieter Van den Bleeken (Boğaziçi University) 

Session Chairs

Monday morning (Jan Rosseel): Gianmassimo Tasinato

Monday afternoon (Jan Rosseel): Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill


Tuesday morning (Dieter van den Bleeken): Jeong-Hyuck Park

Tuesday afternoon (Dieter van den Bleeken): Stefano Baiguera


Wednesday morning (Shira Chapman): Cesar Agon

Wednesday afternoon (Shira Chapman): Erik Tonni


Thursday morning (Ziqi Yan): Diego Pontello

Thursday afternoon (Natalia Pinzani Fokeeva): Pablo Bueno


Friday  (Ziqi Yan and Natalia Pinzani Fokeeva): Niels Obers

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