August 15, 2007 to September 30, 2007
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Photos from program

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If you need a higher resolution pictures email Egor Babaev

Movie: the boat trip through Stockholms lakes system on Mats Wallin's boat (unfortunately weather allowed only one trip in the beginning of the conference)

One of the workshop dinners: left to right Tolya Kuklov, Betsy Divine (Frank Wilczek's wife), Frank Wilczek, Vadinm Cheianov, Leon Balents,
Egor Babaev, Shoucheng Zhang, Antti Niemi

A ride in the Mats' V6 powered boat

Boris Svistunov  Mats Wallin. A trip to the Ytterby mine near Stockholm where five chemical elements were discovered, including Yttrium (named after the Ytterby villiage)

Ashvin Wishvanath

Sankar Das Sarma

Martin Speight

One of the conference buffes at AlbaNova University Center Cheianov, Susanne Viefers, Ashvin, Leon and Boris.

One of two Leon Balents talks:

Leon and Vadim in Stockholm's city center (open air historical museum)

Our trip to Vasa Museum:

Zlatko Tesanovic: