Complex Dynamics in Lipid Membranes

Mar 18, 2010, 9:45 AM
Nordita Seminar Room 132:028 (Nordita)

Nordita Seminar Room 132:028



Erik Brandt Olle Edholm


A biological lipid membrane may be viewed as a two dimensional (liquid crystal) fluid that is immersed in a three dimensional water solution. The system is further complicated by that the membrane is non flat, undergo time dependent undulations and have a thickness that fluctuates in time and space. This gives rise to complicated correlation functions in time and space. Experimentally some of these functions can be probed by inelastic scattering of neutrons or light and more recently by neutron spin echo experiments. Field dependent NMR -relaxation experiments give also important information. We report here about molecular dynamics simulations that indicate that many of these correlation functions are stretched exponentials rather than ordinary exponentials and discuss different ways to interpret.

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