Mar 25 – 27, 2010
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Europe/Stockholm timezone


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


The 25th Nordic Network Meeting on ''Strings, Fields and Branes'' will be held March 25-27, 2010 and hosted by Nordita, which is located near the AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm. The meeting will start on Thursday the 25th at around 13.00 and end on Saturday the 27th at around 13.00. The lectures and talks will actually take place at the nearby KTH campus, more precisely at Lindstedtsvägen 3, lecture room E2. On this map Nordita is located in the upper-left corner, while the lecture room at the KTH campus can be found in the lower-right corner.


The program will consist of three lecture series by invited speakers, and short talks by students and young researchers who wish to contribute. The three lecture series will be held by:

  • Nadav Drukker: On the relation between 4d N=2 theories and 2d Liouville CFT: Partition functions and observables
  • Radu Tatar: F theory phenomenology
  • David Tong: Applications of AdS/CFT


The deadline for registration is March 12, 2010. This is also the deadline for submission of talks. To register, follow the "Registration Form" link on the left.

Accommodation and Financial Support

Accommodation will be available free of charge only to PhD students. Other participants are requested to arrange for their own accommodation. We have however pre-booked a limited number of rooms in conveniently located hotels. Note that to obtain one of these pre-booked rooms, reservations have to be made before March 10! Follow the "Accommodation" link on the left for further information.

Travel expenses can unfortunately not be covered by Nordita.

Traveling within Stockholm

Both the bus and subway (Tunnelbana or T-bana) network in Stockholm are operated by SL. We recommend buying an eight-trip card (180 SEK), called Förköpsremsa, instead of just single-trip tickets (30 SEK per trip). It can be bought either at the desk at the entrance of the subway or at every Pressbyrån shop, which you usually also find around or in subway stations.

The closest subway station to both Nordita and the KTH campus is Tekniska Högskolan on the red line towards Mörby centrum when coming from the city center. More information on how to get to Nordita can be found here.

Social Events

On Friday the 26th there will be a social dinner at Albanova's restaurant "Entré" at 19.00.


Local organizing committee: Diego Chialva, Paolo Di Vecchia, Valentina Giangreco Puletti, Troels Harmark, Lárus Thorlacius, Alexander Wijns
Secretary: Anne Jifält
Funding: Nordita

<a href="" "target=_blank">Nordita</a>
  • Alexander Wijns
  • Diego Chialva
  • Lárus Thorlacius
  • Paolo Di Vecchia
  • Troels Harmark
  • Valentina Giangreco Puletti