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19 September 2011 to 14 October 2011
Europe/Stockholm timezone

A Nordita scientific program is an extended workshop where a limited number of scientists work together on specific topics for a period of several weeks. This program is centered around modern developments in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics both with respect to fundamental aspects (fluctuation theorems, entropy production, fluctuation-dissipation theorems) as well as applications (noise-induced phenomena, biophysical problems).

The program aims at but is not limited to the following topics:

  • The second law (extensions to non-equilibrium)
  • Entropy production
  • Non-equilibrium steady states
  • Quantum work relations
  • Reconstruction of free energy landscapes

  • Nonequilibrium transport
  • Fluctuation induced phenomena
  • Brownian motion and stochastic processes
  • Response behavior to external perturbations

The main objective is to bring together leading experts with strong background in statistical physics for an extended period of time, and to create a lively and fruitful atmosphere of intensive research and mutual interactions between the participants.

Strong emphasis is on informal discussion and working group meetings. It is planned to have a limited number of introductory or review-like talks, maybe around one per day, that may serve as “condensation nuclei” for subsequent discussions and projects. In order to provide a certain level of structuring, we intend to choose “focus themes” for the four different weeks of the program, so that talks, discussions and meetings are primarily around that theme:

week 1(Sep 19 - Sep 23)fluctuation theorems
week 2(Sep 26 - Sep 30)transport phenomena
week 3(Oct 3 - Oct 7)exactly solvable models
week 4(Oct 10 - Oct 14)applications

Nordita provides a full-fledged working environment for program participants, including office space, internet access etc.

Confirmed participants:

  • Mikko Alava (Helsinki)
  • Tobias Ambjörnsson (Lund)
  • Erik Aurell (Stockholm)
  • Felipe Barra (Santiago - Chile)
  • Sergio Ciliberto (Lyon)
  • David Dean (Toulouse)
  • Bernard Derrida (Paris)
  • Abhishek Dhar (Bangalore)
  • Jean-Pierre Eckmann (Geneva)
  • Andreas Engel (Oldenburg)
  • Massimiliano Esposito (Brussels)
  • Denis Evans (Canberra)
  • Martin Evans (Edinburgh)
  • Pierre Gaspard (Brussels)
  • Giovanni Jona-Lasinio (Rome)
  • Ryoichi Kawai (Birmingham)
  • Anatoly Kolomeisky (Houston)
  • Joachim Krug (Cologne)
  • Antti Kupiainen (Helsinki)
  • Jorge Kurchan (Paris)
  • David Lacoste (Paris)
  • Michael Lässig (Cologne)
  • Vivien Lecomte (Paris)
  • Raphael Lefevere (Paris)
  • Stefano Lepri (Florence)

  • Michael A. Lomholt (Odense)
  • Jani Lukkarinen (Helsinki)
  • Christian Maes (Leuven)
  • Bernhard Mehlig (Gothenburg)
  • Ralf Metzler (Munich)
  • Namiko Mitarai (Copenhagen)
  • David Mukamel (Rehovot)
  • Paolo Muratore-Ginanneschi (Helsinki)
  • Gleb Oshanin (Paris)
  • Luca Peliti (Naples)
  • Tomaz Prosen (Ljubljana)
  • Andrea Puglisi (Rome)
  • Peter Reimann (Bielefeld)
  • Felix Ritort (Barcelona)
  • Lamberto Rondoni (Turin)
  • Keiji Saito (Tokyo)
  • Shin-ichi Sasa (Tokyo)
  • Udo Seifert (Stuttgart)
  • Ken Sekimoto (Paris)
  • Herbert Spohn (Munich)
  • Peter Talkner (Augsburg)
  • Christophe Texier (Paris)
  • Mats Wallin (Stockholm)
  • Frederic van Wijland (Paris)
  • Angelo Vulpiani (Rome)

Sponsored by:

Nordita ESF - European Science Foundation

Registration deadline: 25 July 2011