August 22, 2011 to September 16, 2011
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Stockholm, Sweden (photos: Alexander Dokukin, Ulf Hinds, Jeppe Wikström)


A few pictures taken by Ville Kotimäki on Sep 8-9 can be found here.

Several presentations given in the program are now available in PDF here. Please send your talks to Esa, The files will be removed from the website at the end of September.

We are happy to have 59 participants in the program and we cordially welcome everyone to Stockholm!
For your arrival, please find here some important links and documents:

If you have any troubles with directions etc. during your arrival, please contact Eva Lindroth, +46-(0)8-5537-8616.

Nordita is located in a smaller building just in front of the large AlbaNova University Centre, 100 meters from the bus stop Ruddammen. The talks at the kick-off meeting on Aug 22-24 (see the program below) will take place in lecture halls in AlbaNova. The Registration is at the main entrance at AlbaNova (the big Rotunda) on Monday Aug 22 at 10.00-12.00 and then again from 13.00. The Program starts 13.45 in the Oskar Klein Auditorium, one staircase down from the entrance.

Bus timetables:
Bus 72 from BizApartment to Östra Station (PDF) (~10 min walking distance to Nordita)
Bus 44 from Östra Station to Nordita (PDF)
Bus 44 from Nordita to Karlaplan (PDF) (~15 min walking distance to Biz)
Bus 72 from Valhallavägen to Bizapartment (PDF) (note: runs only until ~7pm)
For a detailed map of bus routes, see this link.

On Saturday Aug 27 we organize a boat trip to Sandhamn - a settlement located on the island Sandön ("Sand Island"). The trip is free (apart from lunch etc.) for participants and their family members. We will meet on Saturday morning at 9:15 -- please check the map of the meeting point and detailed information here.

Stockholm and areas near Nordita offer several opportunities for exercising. There are excellent running and walking routes in parks south from BizApartment and north from Nordita. There is a gym SATS located in the same building with BizApartment.

We wish you a pleasurable stay and hope to meet you soon!


The aim of this Nordita program is to study quantum control and dynamics of few-particle systems in an active collaborative effort between experimentalists and theorists, as well as between recognized senior researchers and young investigators. The activity is motivated by recent advances in the physics of ultrafast phenomena in the femto- and attosecond time scale -- a regime within reach of novel light sources. New insights into fundamental many-body physics are expected when ultrafast atomic and solid-state processes can be monitored in real time.

The topics of the program include, e.g., new light sources such as free-electron lasers and their capabilities, theory and computation of few-particle dynamics, quantum optimal control theory, and interaction of atoms, molecules, and clusters with ultrashort and intense XUV and X-ray pulses. The format of the program supports new collaborative innovations in these fields.

Please see also the related Nordforsk Network as well as the COST Action.

The program will consist of a kick-off meeting, working period, and conference as follows:

Time Activity Scope
Aug. 22 – Aug. 25 Kick-off meeting Keynote talks on the status of the field with a particular emphasis on experiments [Program in PDF]
Aug. 26 – Sep. 9 Workshop Working in groups, discussions, informal talks, new collaborations. See "Timetable" on the left for a detailed schedule.
Sep. 12 – Sep. 16 Focus week International conference summarizing the efforts of the Nordita program. NOTE: Organized in combination with the WG1 workshop of the COST Action CM0702, Chemistry with Ultrashort Pulses and Free-Electron Lasers: Looking for Control Strategies Through "Exact" Computations (CUSPFEL) [Program in PDF]

Registration for the program has been closed.