15-17 September 2010
Europe/Stockholm timezone
The better-than-preliminary-but-not-quite-final timetable is now up - times are more or less set, some talk titles have still to be added
PROSPECTS - PROblems in Statistical Parameter Estimation and ConsTraints for Supersymmetry

With a new energy frontier opening up we all want to be ready to set out on the road to discoveries. We know that along the way we will face hordes of data, the constraining shackles of statistical error bars and the nefarious plotting of systematic errors, we know we must endure the hardships of complicated parameter interdependencies. All this to perhaps, finally, reach the undiscovered country of New Physics.

The aim of this workshop is to investigate approaches to constraining the parameters of New Physics models with data from current collider and astrophysics experiments, with some emphasis on models with Supersymmetry. This is a field which has seen a lot of activity over the past few years, and our goal is to gather experts to discuss some of the issues involved in interpreting data and applying statistical methods. Furthermore, we want to have brief reviews of current methods and the tools available, and finally some PROSPECTS for the future.


  • Statistics & Algorithms (Talks on statistical methods and scanning algorithms)
  • Packages & Codes (Presentations of available tools and recent tool developments)
  • Experimental Constraints (Summaries of current and expected near-future experimental results)
  • Phenomenology/Results (Updates on current parameter scans and their phenomenological consequences)

List of Invited Speakers:

  • Ben Allanach (DAMTP, Cambridge)
  • Geneviéve Bélanger (LAPTH, Annecy)
  • Kyle Cranmer (New York University)
  • Klaus Desch (Bonn)
  • Joakim Edsjö (Stockholm)
  • John Ellis (CERN)
  • Michael Hobson (Cavendish, Cambridge)
  • Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg)
  • Roberto Ruiz de Austri (IFIC, Valencia)
  • Roberto Trotta (Imperial College)
  • Martin White (University of Melbourne)

The workshop will be a small-scale event with ample time for discussions. Note that there is no registration fee for the workshop, but there is a fee for those who wish to participate at the workshop dinner on Thursday the 16th of September.

Local Organizing Committee

A. Raklev (co-chair, Stockholm University), P. Scott (co-chair, Stockholm University), Y. Akrami (Stockholm University), J. Edsjö (Stockholm University), J. Conrad (Stockholm University), A. Putze (Stockholm University/KTH), J. Ripken (Stockholm University), C. Savage (Stockholm University).

Gamla Stan (Old Town). AlbaNova. Stadshuset (City Hall).
Photos: J. Edsjö