Universality and non-universality of motion in heterogenous single-files

Feb 24, 2011, 5:00 PM
FB42 (AlbaNova Main Building)


AlbaNova Main Building


Michael A. Lomholt (University of Southern Denmark)


A single-file of identical particles diffusing along a line without being able to overtake each other is one of the better studied non-equilibrium systems in physics. It has been known for almost half a century that the mean square displacement of a single particle in the file will grow subdiffusively with an exponent 1/2. In this talk I will discuss heterogenous single files of particles with random friction constants. It will be shown that for distributions of frictions with a finite average the single-file will behave universally for long times in the same way as the identical case. For heavy tailed power-law distributions of frictions it is found that no self-averaging occurs even at long times and the behavior thus becomes non-universal.

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