February 27, 2012 to March 23, 2012
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Poster Exhibition

Poster Exhibtion

All participants, and in particular PhD students and postdocs, are welcome to present their research with a poster. We plan to include a slot in the weekly schedules of week 2-4 of the program (preferably on Monday), during which the posters can be introduced by a short presentation (3-5 minutes). However, we do not have a separate poster session. The posters are rather accessible during the whole program; they are put up in the discussion area, where also the coffee breaks take place.

We have space to put up 12 posters at a time. In case that this is not sufficient, we will work out a schedule for the poster exhibition and post it on this webpage during the first week of the program.

You may submit a pdf of the poster to the organizers by email, which we will then make available on this webpage for download.

Poster format: PORTRAIT

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Title of poster

On display during week

Khairul Bariyyah Abd Halim (Oxford)

Multiscale study of transmembrane α-helix dimers


Arnab Bhattacherjee (Lund)

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins At Work: Coupled Folding-Binding in a Simple Hydrophobic/Polar Model


Christoph Globisch (Mainz)

Atomistic and Coarse Grained Simulations of Viral Capsids


Ewa Golas (Gdansk)

Molecular dynamics of the Hsp70 chaperone in response to nucleotide and substrate: a coarse-grained perspective


Jordi Gomez (Stockholm)

Nanoscale Organization in the Cell Membrane


Johnathan Gross (Georgia)

Massively parallelized replica-exchange simulations of polymers on GPUs


Dawid Jagiela (Gdansk)

The fitting of restrained peptide conformational equilibrium ensembles to NMR data as a function of force field: AMBER/8 ff03 versus ECEPP/3


Andrey Krokhotin (Uppsala)

Soliton concepts and the protein structure


Pawel Krupa (Gdansk)

Optimizing the time step in coarse-grained force field (UNRES) molecular dynamic simulations


Martin Linden (Stockholm)

Entropic tension in crowded membranes


Michael Martinez (Heidelberg) 

SDAFlex : Simulating flexible macromolecules with Brownian dynamics


Magdalena  Mozolewska (Gdansk)

Molecular modeling of the Isu1 and Hsp40 – Jac1 and investigation of their interactions in Yeast.


Marco Pasi (Lyon)

PaLaCe: a coarse-grain model for studying the mechanical properties of proteins


Mateusz Sikora (Warsaw)

Linking Gold Nanoparticles Using Molecular Interconnects - a Theoretical Study


Mateusz Sikora (Warsaw)

Mechanostability of Proteins with Cystine Slipknots and Multidomain Proteins


Tomasz Wirecki (Gdansk)

Testing of the performance of Hybrid Monte Carlo methods


Bartlomiej Zaborowski (Gdansk)

Protein structure prediction by dynamic fragment assembly and conformational space annealing using UNRES force field