Dec 1 – 3, 2011
AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

The workshop is the part of the Nordita scientific program " Geometry of Strings and Fields" which runs November 1 - 30 2011 at Nordita.

The program of the meeting will consist of three lecture series by invited speakers, and short talks by students and young researchers.

Invited speakers:

Ioannis Bakas, "Geometric flows and their physical applications"

Chris Hull, "Introduction to duality, double geometry and non-geometric backgrounds"

Marcos Marino, "Localization at large N"

The workshop will be at held at the following locations:

  • On Thursday, Dec 1:
    • 13.00-18.00: Lecture room FB52 at AlbaNova.
  • On Friday, Dec 2:
    • 9.00-12.00: Lecture room FB42 at AlbaNova
    • 13.30-18.00: Lecture room FB51 at AlbaNova
    • 18.30-: Dinner
  • On Saturday, Dec 3:
    • 9.30-14.00: Svedbergssalen at AlbaNova

The deadline for registration is November 15, 2011. This is also the deadline for submission of talks. To register, follow the "Registration Form" link on the left.

Accommodation will be available free of charge to Nordic PhD students. Travel expenses can unfortunately not be covered. Other participants are requested to arrange for their own accommodation. Follow the "Accommodation" link on the left for the suggestion for the local hotels.

AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm
  • Maxim Zabzine
  • Ulf Lindström