Aug 8 – 17, 2008
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Reading List


A good review paper for some of the cosmological background motivation for dark 
energy/cosmological constant is

  `The Cosmological constant'
  Sean M. Carroll
  Living Rev.Rel.4:1,2001

This can be found online for free at

a more advanced treatment of some of the ideas we will discuss is

  `Quantum Gravity in Everyday Life: General Relativity as an Effective Field
  C.P. Burgess
  Living Rev.Rel.7:5,2004.

It will be helpful if you are already familiar with some of the basics of
general relativity and 
quantum field theory. A particularly good intro to QFT is:

  `Quantum field theory in a nutshell'
  A. Zee 
  (Princeton University Press)

but otherwise there are many standard texts like Ryder and Peskin&Schroeder
which are useful.

and to GR is

  `Introducing Einstein's Relativity' 
  Ray D'inverno 
  (Oxford University Press)

again their are many good books. If you haven't already it is worth investing in
one of each.