Sep 2 – 27, 2013
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Workshop Schedule

Lyman Alpha as an Astrophysical Tool Workshop [Sept 9th-13th]

Talk abstracts

The abstracts for all the talks are available as a pdf file.

Monday, Sept 9th

10h00:  Registration at Nordita
12h00:  Lunch

13h00   G. Ostlin:  Introduction and welcome speech
                            Information and Practical Issues

Session 1 : Circum-Galactic Medium at mid-redshift [room FB53]
Chair: C. Scarlata

13h20   S. Cantalupo:   Illuminating the dark Universe with quasar-induced Ly-a emission

13h50   L. Barnes:         Lighting Up Damped Lyman Alpha Absorption Systems
14h10   M. Rauch:        The formation of individual galactic halos as highlighted by Ly-a emission

14h40   Coffee Break

15h00   M. Dijkstra:      CGM modeling and Ly-alpha halos

15h30   R. Trainor:         Lighting up the IGM: Fluorescent emitters around z~2.7 QSOs
16h00   J. Blaizot:            On the observability of cold accretion streams via their (polarized) Ly-a emission

16h20  - 10 minute break

16h30   M. Prescott:        Galaxies, gas flows, and enrichment within giant Ly-a nebulae

17h00   A. Humphrey:     Polarized extended Ly-a emission from a z = 2.3 radio galaxy
17h15   S. Yuma:            First volume-limited search for oxygen-line blobs at high redshift

17h30   Zheng Zheng:         Shedding (Ly-a) light on the circum-galactic and intergalactic media

18h00   Info and closing
             Reception wine and cheese at Nordita

Tuesday, Sept 10th

08h30:  coffee/tea and cookies
08h50:  Info

Session 2 : Clustering and structure, galaxy evolution [room FR4]
Chair: A. Henry
09h00   C. Martin:               IGM/CGM emission -- A new window on galaxy formation and evolution
09h30   P. Dayal:                  Ly-a Emitters : probing cosmic dawn
09h50   M. Bonilla-Tobar:     Large-scale structure from Ly-a emitters at 2 < z < 4.5
10h05   J. Rhoads:               Dynamical masses and scaling relations of Ly-a galaxies

10h35   Coffee Break

10h50   G. Blanc: HETDEX: Studying Dark Energy and the properties of LAEs at z~2
11h10   I. Wold:                 Evolution of Ly-a emitting galaxies: Insights from a flux-limited GALEX sample at z~1
11h30   A. Orsi:                  Ly-alpha as an astrophysical tool to trace the most massive structures in the Universe
11h50   R. Momose:            Evolution of diffuse Ly-a halos around star-forming galaxies at z=2-7

12h10   Info and closing

13h15   Oskar Klein Centre Seminar given by Nelson Padilla: Effects of the stochastic growth of angular momentum in the evolution of galaxies

16h00   Boat Trip and Social Dinner

Wednesday, Sept 11th

08h30:  coffee/tea, cookies and fruit
09h00:  Info

Session 3 : Lyman alpha in detail - the nearby Universe [room FB52]
Chair: P. Dayal
09h10   G. Ostlin:            The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample - LARS and eLARS
09h30   M. Hayes:            The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample: HST Ly-a imaging and extended neutral gas
09h50   S. Pardy:             Direct HI Masses of the Lyman Alpha Reference Sample galaxies

10h10   A. Verhamme:     Ly-a properties of simulated galaxies

10h30   Coffee Break

10h50   I. Orlitova:           Interpretation of Ly-a line profiles in the LARS sample of nearby galaxies
11h10   L. Guaita:            Lyman alpha Reference Sample for high-z studies
11h30   M. Mas-Hesse:     Ly-a emission in dust-rich starburst galaxies

11h50   F. Duval:             ISM effect on Ly-a line profile and application to nearby Universe galaxies
12h05   P. Papaderos:       LINERS and Lyman continuum photon escape

12h20   Lunch

Session 4 : Galactic outflows and Ly-alpha line profiles [room FB52]
Chair: C. Gronwall
14h00   D. Erb:                    Lya emission as a probe of feedback and physical conditions in low mass galaxies at z~2-3
14h20   A. Chung:               Detailed modelling of the CGM of high redshift Ly-a emitters

14h40   T. Hashimoto:         Ly-a radiation mechanism of Ly-a emitters and its implications for re-ionization
15h00   T. Shibuya:              A statistical study on galactic outflows of Ly-a emitters probed by velocity offsets between their Ly-a/UV absorption and nebular lines

15h20   Coffee Break

15h40   T. Rivera-Thorsen:   ISM dynamics and geometry in LARS galaxies

15h55   P. Laursen:           Detailed modeling of observed Ly-a lines
16h15   A.Wofford:           Ly-a Escape from z~0.03 star-forming galaxies: the dominant role of outflows

16h45  - 15 minute break

17h00   C. Scarlata:          High resolution Ly-a profiles from COS spectroscopy
17h30   C. Behrens:          Anisotropic emission and inclination effect in LAEs

17h50   Discussion 

Thursday, Sept 12th

08h30:  coffee/tea, cookies and fruit
09h00:  Info
Session 5 : Cosmic Re-ionization [room FB42]
Chair: J. Rhoads
09h10   M. Haehnelt:       On the rapid demise of Ly-a emitters at redshift z>7 due to the increasing incidence of optically thick absorption systems
09h30   K. Kakiichi:         Re-ionization topology and global HI fraction from LAE survey: bubble- or web-dominated topology?
09h50   A. Hutter:            Re-ionization constraints using high-z galaxies
10h10   J. Caruana:          Ly-a at z>7: Constraints on the neutral fraction of Hydrogen

10h30   Coffee Break

11h00   S. Lorenzoni:      Lyman-break galaxies in the Epoch of Re-ionization
11h20   A. Penin:            Contaminants of samples of LAE candidates at z~7.7
11h35   A. Mesinger:      The imprint of inhomogeneous re-ionization on the Ly-a line

12h05   Lunch

13h30   A. Henry:          Completing the census of faint Ly-a galaxies in the epoch of reionization
14h00   A. Konno:         Cosmic Re-ionization history probed by Ly-a luminosity function of LAEs at z=7.3
14h20   M.Ouchi:           Exploring the Epoch of Reionization by ALMA, HST, and Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam Surveys
14h50   H. Jensen:         What do Ly-a emitters tell us about re-ionization?

15h10   Coffee Break

Session 6 : Characterizing Ly-alpha galaxy physics [room FB42]
Chair: M. Hayes
15h30   A. Ferrara:        The cool side of the Lyman Alpha Emitters
N. Padilla: Present-day descendants of z=3 Ly-a emitting galaxies in the Millennium-II halo merger trees<z<4<br>
16h20   K. Nakajima:    First spectroscopic evidence for high ionization state and low oxygen abundance in Ly-a emitters

16h40  - 20 minute break -> change of room to FB52

17h00   L. Cowie:         Metallicity in LAEs: the dominant selection factor?
17h30   H. Atek:           What really matters for Ly-a escape
17h50   A. Hagen:        Spectral Energy Distribution Fitting and the Fundamental Metallicity Relation of LAEs
18h10  P. Cassata:         Ly-a+He-II emitters in VIMOS Deep and Ultra-Deep surveys

18h25  Spontaneous Discussion

Friday, Sept 13th

08h30:  </z<4<br><z<4<br>coffee/tea and cookies
09h00:  Info
Session 6 cont : Characterizing Ly-alpha galaxy physics [room FD5]
Chair: G. Mellema
09h10   C. Gronwall:         Cosmic variance in the physical properties of Ly-a emitting galaxies at 2 < z < 3
09h40   A. Sandberg:        Trident: A three-pronged galaxy survey at z~2
09h55   Zhenya Zheng/J. Rhoads:     The Ly-a equivalent width distribution at z ~ 4.5
10h15   E. Hu:                  The evolution of Ly-a line shapes and equivalent widths at high redshift

10h45   Coffee Break         
11h15   Y. Ono:                     Deep ALMA observations of far-infrared continuum emission from star-forming galaxies at high Redshift
11h35   B. Milvang-Jensen:    Ly-a emission from GRB host galaxies
11h50   E. Herenz:                 New frontiers in LAE science with MUSE
12h10   D. Schaerer:              Physical insight from Ly-a on the properties of high-z star-forming galaxies

12h40   Final remarks