Jul 25 – 27, 2013
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


At the beginning of 2013 the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) shut down for extensive upgrades aiming towards a 14 TeV collider, upgrades that are expected to take almost two years. In the summer of 2013 the particle physics community is then at a cross-roads: we have the results of the ground-breaking 8 TeV physics programme with large statistics, and we have relatively mature analysis of this data, exploring the properties of a Higgs boson candidate and extensively probing New Physics. Quo vadis?

The 14 TeV LHC will look further above the electroweak scale, but where do we go beyond that to improve our understanding of the fundamental constituents of the Universe? Should we look to the results of a high-luminosity SLHC or a higher energy VLHC, do we need a precision linear collider at ILC or CLIC energies or will we return to LEP 3? Are neutrino or flavour experiments essential to move forward, and what can we learn from astrophysics? The exploration of these problems is the topic of this workshop.

The workshop is part of the Nordita programme Beyond the LHC, 1-27 July 2013. The workshop will begin the day after the European Physical Society’s (EPS) High Energy Physics Conference (18–24 July 2013), organized by KTH and Stockholm University.

[Timetable - available from start of the workshop]


The workshop is planned as a series of longer talks, both on the current status of the field following low-energy LHC data and future prospects beyond the LHC. However, we will make sure that there is plenty of time for discussions in what we hope will be a relaxed and productive atmosphere.


If you want to apply for participation in the workshop, please fill in the application form. Due to space restrictions, the total number of participants is limited.

Application deadline: 1 July 2013

There is no registration fee for the workshop. However, a workshop dinner will be organized, with a 600 SEK fee for those that wish to attend.

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Nordita, Stockholm