Jun 2 – 5, 2015
Piperska Muren, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Ladies from the Spacetime Odyssey (click on photo to enlarge).

Group photo from the conference outside Piperska Muren (click on photo to enlarge)

Group photo from the conference dinner in the Hall of Mirrors in Grand Hotel (click on photo to enlarge)


Piperska Muren, Stockholm, Sweden


The plan of the conference is a 4-day celebration of the remarkable advances in the fields of particle physics and cosmology from the turn of the millennium to the present day. There will be a series of talks and panels over the course of the four days by the invited participants. The conference will take place at a 17th century estate Piperska Muren in central Stockholm.

Agenda for the conference

Confirmed participants:

  • Andreas Albrecht
  • Elena Aprile
  • Frank Avignone
  • Laura Baudis
  • Olga Botner
  • Francois Bouchet
  • Marcela Carena
  • Sasha Dolgov
  • Andrzej Drukier
  • Kari Enqvist
  • Christer Fuglesang
  • Graciela Gelmini
  • Paolo Gondolo
  • Shirley Ho
  • Katri Huitu
  • Dragan Huterer
  • Cecilia Jarlskog
  • Kimmo Kainulainen
  • Gordon Kane
  • Will Kinney
  • Joseph Lykken
  • Grant Mathews
  • Laura Mersini-Houghton
  • Emil Mottola
  • Antti Niemi
  • Neils Obers
  • Angela Olinto
  • Lisa Randall
  • Tanja Rindler-Daller
  • Graca Rocha
  • Leszek Roszkowski
  • Bernard Sadoulet
  • Pierre Salati
  • Pearl Sandick
  • Subir Sarkar
  • Paul Shapiro
  • David Spergel
  • Glenn Starkman
  • Leo Stodolsky
  • Larus Thorlacius
  • Mark Trodden
  • Michael Turner
  • Yun Wang
  • Frank Wilczek

Social Events

2 June: Reception at Stockholm City Hall

3 June: Dinner in "Spegelsalen" (Hall of Mirrors) at Grand Hotel

4 June: Boat trip with dinner to the Stockholm Archipelago


This conference is by invitation only.

Please fill in the registration form to help us plan your accommodation and other aspects of the conference. You will be informed by the hotel about the details of your accommodation as soon as the reservations have been made. Deadline for registration is 22 March 2015.


Nordita provides accommodation in a Stockholm hotel for invited participants.

Sponsored by:

Nordita Swedish Research Council