Mar 5 – 9, 2018
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Causal Set Quantum Gravity on the Computer

Mar 7, 2018, 2:00 PM
122:026 (Nordita, Stockholm)


Nordita, Stockholm


Sumati Surya


I will discuss the role of numerical simulations in the causal set approach to quantum gravity. Because of the inherent non-locality of the graphs, the limits and complexity of simulations can far exceed that associated with finite valency graphs. On the other hand, fairly small graphs contain far richer geometric information than one might imagine. The overall goal is to present some of the broad numerical challenges faced in the causal set approach. I will begin with examples of geometric observables in the theory and how simulations give us practical estimates for manifoldlikeness. I will then discuss a class of continuum inspired dynamics which are studied using MCMC simulations. An approach that has been successful in 2d is to limit the full sample space of causal sets by spacetime dimension and topology. I will then describe some very recent work where this is extended to the class of cylindrical 2d geometries using a "lattice gas" model of causal sets.

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