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5-9 March 2018
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Slides From Talks


  • Jan Ambjørn (NBI and Radboud University)
    "Field Renormalization in QG"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Benjamin Bahr (University of Hamburg)
    "Renormalization in symmetry-restricted spin foam models with curvature"
    Slides (PDF)

  • David Edward Bruschi (University of Vienna)
    "Bose-Einstein Condensates as Spacetime Probes"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Will Cunningham (Northeastern University)
    "Deep Learning in Quantum Gravity"
    Slides (PDF)
    Tutorial (several files)

  • Steffen Gielen (University of Nottingham)
    "The Universe as a quantum gravity condensate"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Andrzej Görlich (Jagiellonian University)
    "Causal Dynamical Triangulations on the Computer"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Giulia Gubitosi (Radboud University and University of Rome Sapienza)
    "Searching for Observable Signatures of Quantum Spacetime"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Jack Laiho (Syracuse University)
    "Lattice QCD and Quantum Gravity"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Antonia Zipfel (Florida Atlantic University)
    "Challenges in canonical Loop Quantum Gravity"
    Slides (PDF)


  • Emad Aghili (University of Mississippi)
    "A Measure for Manifoldlikeness of Causal Sets"
    Poster (PDF)

  • Paul Druce (University of Nottingham)
    "Geometry of fuzzy spaces"
    Poster (PDF)

  • Jakub Gizbert-Studnicki (Jagiellonian University)
    "CDT on a torus"
    Poster (PDF)

  • Christophe Goeller (Perimeter Institute)
    "Ponzano-Regge Model on a Twisted Torus"
    Poster (PDF)

  • Nilas Klitgaard (Radboud University)
    "Quantum Ricci Curvature in Discrete Models of Quantum Gravity"
    Poster (PDF)

  • Fleur Versteegen (University of Heidelberg)
    "Spatial distances from Causal Sets"
    Poster (PDF)