Mar 5 – 9, 2018
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

The universe as a quantum gravity condensate

Mar 5, 2018, 11:15 AM
122:026 (Nordita, Stockholm)


Nordita, Stockholm


Steffen Gielen


Bridging the gap from the Planck scale to cosmological scales is the ultimate challenge for quantum gravity, but doing so would allow us to connect the microscopic physics of quantum gravity to observation through cosmology. In the group field theory (GFT) approach, a promising working hypothesis has been that a macroscopic universe emerges from a "condensate" of many interacting (Planck-scale) degrees of freedom of quantum geometry. I will give an introduction into the GFT formalism and discuss the approximations that have been employed, in analogy to normal Bose-Einstein condensates, in order to obtain simple, analytically solvable equations for the emergent cosmology. Most of these approximations are crude, and numerical techniques may indeed be necessary for justifying them, thus providing more solid foundations for the connection of GFT to the universe. I will also discuss how GFT might one day pass the main test for any theory of the early universe: explaining the pattern of the cosmic microwave background.

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