May 7 – 11, 2019
Nordita, Stockholm
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Slides From Talks


  • Erik Aurell
    "Quantum heat flows and path integrals"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Roman Belousov
    "A Volterra-series approach to nonlinear dynamics of the Van der Pol and Duffing oscillators driven by white noise"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Ginestra Bianconi
    "Multilayer Networks: Structure and Dynamics"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Stefano Bo
    "Driven anisotropic diffusion at boundaries: noise rectification and particle sorting"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Gavin Crooks
    "Thermodynamic control of molecular machines"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Charles Doering
    "Optimal bounds and extremal trajectories for time averages in nonlinear dynamical systems"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Andrea Gabrielli
    "Statistical Physics for Heterogeneous Random Networks"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Christopher Jarzynski
    "Stochastic thermodynamics and statistical mechanics in the strong coupling regime"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Jan Korbel
    "Classification of complex systems by their sample-space scaling exponents"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Alessio Lapolla
    "Fluctuations and correlation functions of occupation measures in single-file diffusion"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Sarah Loos
    "Stochastic thermodynamics of time-delayed systems via a Markovian embedding"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Michael Mackey
    "Mathematical models of gene regulation: Biology drives new mathematics"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Paul Manneville
    "Wall-bounded Flows: Chaos, Spatiotemporal Chaos and Turbulence"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Peter McClintock
    "Statistical Physics of Ions in Narrow Biological Ion Channels"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Ralf Metzler
    "Anomalous Diffusion, Ergodicity, Ageing, and Non-Gaussianity"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Geza Ódor
    "Robustness of Griffiths effects in homeostatic connectome models"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Joachim Peinke
    "Renewable Energies: Turbulent Dynamics and Impact on Grid Stability"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Michel Peyrard
    "Kinky DNS in solution. A statistical physics analysis of SAXS and SANS measurements detects the kinks in DNA predicted by Crick and Klug in 1975"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Per Arne Rikvold
    "Random-walk based interpolations between centrality measures on complex networks"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Benjamin Schäfer
    "Power Grids as Dynamical Systems: Recent Progress and a Data-Driven Approach using Superstatistics"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Olha Shchur
    "Nonrenewal firing statistics of spiking neurons with delayed feedback"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Raul Toral
    "Aging in the voter model"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Jean-Charles Walter
    "Surfing on protein waves: proteophoresis as a mechanism for bacterial genome partitioning"
    Slides (PDF)

  • Silvia Zaoli
    "Trip Centrality: walking on a temporal multiplex network with non-instantaneous link travel time"
    Slides (PowerPoint) | Slides (PDF)