September 27, 2010 to October 29, 2010
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Stockholm, Sweden


The interdisciplinary field of quantum information processing and communication connects at its deepest level quantum mechanics, photonics, solid state physics, atomic physics, and electronics with computer science and information theory in order to gain features in cryptography, communication, and computing that are impossible to achieve using classical methods. Quantum information science has also revitalized the discussions about the foundations of quantum theory. This field has grown explosively and is now one of the hottest subfields of both computer science and physics.

The scientific program on Quantum Information is primarily focusing on physical and theoretical aspects of quantum information processing and communication, as well as on their physical implementation. The aim of the program is to bring together key and active researchers in the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum information theory, quantum communication, quantum key distribution, and quantum computing to review, present and discuss recent important results.

The program will consist of four workshops and an international conference as follows:

Time Activity Topic
Sept. 27 – Oct. 1 Workshop Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Oct. 4 – Oct. 8 International Conference Quantum Information and Computation
Oct. 11 – Oct. 15 Workshop Quantum Information
Oct. 18 – Oct. 22 Workshop Quantum Communication and Quantum Key Distribution
Oct. 25 – Oct. 29 Workshop Quantum Computation

The workshop registration closed on June 14. Workshop attendance is limited to 20 participants. We are able to offer accommodation in the Nordita apartments; see the menu item Nordita apartments for more information about this.

Within the program there will be an International Conference on Quantum Information and Computation, 4-8 October, 2010, Stockholm, Sweden. It is still possible to register for the conference although we no longer accept any abstracts.