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3-7 July 2017
AlbaNova University Center, Sweden
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Photos from the conference


Quite a few people arrived on July 1 or even earlier, so Frank and Betsy hosted an informal get-together at Koh Phangen on Nybrogatan that night. Frank's Lorentz transform t-shirt was a present from Biao.
Photos by Betsy Devine.

Vincent Liu, Qi Zhang, Irina Shnyra, Frank Wilczek

Antti Niemi, Qingdong Jiang, Ying Jiang

Qi Zhang, Irina Shnyra, Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek, Anne Dominic

Biao Wu, Xi Lin, James Dominic

Xi Lin, Biao Wu


Dinner with Xiaoqun Wang his wife Xin Wang at Ciao Ciao Due. Frank's t-shirt this evening was from the recent Nordita Day.
Photos by Betsy Devine.

Xin Wang, Xiaoqun Wang, Biao Wu, Vincent Liu

Xin Wang, Xiaoqun Wang, Biao Wu, Vincent Liu

Vincent Liu, Antti Niemi, Frank Wilczek

Vincent Liu, Frank Wilczek

Xiaoqun Wang, Biao Wu, Vincent Liu

Biao Wu, Vincent Liu, Antti Niemi


Quantum Connections in the Stockholm amusement park Gröna lund.
Photos by Betsy Devine and Irina Shnyra.

Frank Wilczek, Ina Storm, Åsa Storm

Frank Wilczek

Singing the traditional Swedish drinking song Helan går are: Irina Shnyra, Åsa Storm, Maria Niemi, Al Shapere, Elizabeth Yang, Ying Jiang, Xi Lin, Biao Wu

Alexander Molochkov, Antti Niemi, Beatrice Niemi, Alice Niemi, Maria Niemi

Zheng-Xin Liu, Zi Cai, Jin Dai, Qi Zhang,

Ying Jiang, Xi Lin, Marcin Nowakowski, Biao Wu

Egor Babaev, Thors Hans Hansson, Xiaoqun Wang, Xin Wang

Betsy Devine, Frank Wilczek, Cristiane Morais Smith, Jordan Cotler


Photos by Betsy Devine and Elizabeth Yang.

Betsy Devine outside the Nobel Museum in the Old Town of Stockholm

Betsy Devine with museum staff

Group photo outside the Nobel Museum
Back row, from left: Qi Zhang, Irina Shnyra, Xin Wang, Siddhardh Morampudi, Ahmet Keles, Xiaoqun Wang, Zi Cai, Antti Niemi
Third row: Marcin Nowakowski, Biao Wu, Ying Jiang, Soonwon Choi, Zheng-Xin Liu, Peng Zhang, Norman Yao, Alexander Molochkov
Second row: Michael Stone, Anne Dominic, Vincent Liu, Frank Wilczek, Elizabeth Yang, Soucheng Zhang, Anna Sinelnikova, Jordan Cotler, Xi Lin, Egor Babaev, Dai Jing
Front row: Åsa Storm, Betsy Devine

Qi Zhang, Jin Dai, Anna Sinelnikova, Alexander Molochov, Zi Cai, Zheng-Xin-Liu

Kyre Adept, Michael Stone, Bethellen Shapere, Al Shapere, Biao Wu, Ying, Jiang

Anne Dominic, Marcin Nowakowski, Åsa Storm, Ahmet Keles, Soonwon Choi, Elizabeth Yang, Peng Zhang

Marcin Nowakowski, Jordan Cotler, Siddhardh Morampudi, Norman Yao, Ahmet Keles, Soonwon Choi

Frank Wilczek, Thors Hans Hansson, Aurore Belfrage, Irina Shnyra, Antti Niemi.
For the Nobel Museum visit, fashion icon Frank was wearing his "Space invaders" t-shirt.

Xin Wang, Vincent Liu, Soucheng Zhang, Xiaoqun Wang

During the dinner in the Nobel Museum, Jordan Cotler entertained the Connectors with a magic show

Jordan Cotler's magic show

Jordan Cotler's magic show

Jordan Cotler's magic show

Jordan Cotler's magic show

Jordan Cotler's magic show

Jordan Cotler's magic show

Jordan Cotler's magic show


At the end of the last day of the conference, everyone gathered for a farewell reception outside the Nordita East building, where the conference had taken place.
Photos by Elizabeth Yang.

Anne Dominic, Betsy Devine, Frank Wilczek, Åsa Storm, Antti Niemi, Biao Wu, Vincent Liu


Photos by Betsy Devine.

Irina Shnyra, Betsy Devine, Frank Wilczek, Soucheng Zhang, Vincent Liu, Antti Niemi, Biao Wu