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17 August 2009 to 11 September 2009
Europe/Stockholm timezone
The aim of this workshop is to bring together a group of theorist with a broad and varied range of competences in numerical techniques, low energy effective theories, conformal field theory and lattice models, but with quantum Hall phenomena as a common interest. Main focus topics will be non-abelian states and quantum computation, and quantum Hall effects in both graphene and atomic condensates.

  • Dmitry Abanin (Princeton)
  • Emil J. Bergholtz (MPI Dresden)
  • Andrei B. Bernevig (Princeton)
  • Parsa Bonderson (Microsoft Station Q)
  • Andrea Cappelli (INFN)
  • Benoit Estienne (LPTHE)
  • Jørgen Fulsebakke (Oslo)
  • Maria Hermanns (Stockholm)
  • Hosang Heydari (Stockholm)
  • Layla Hormozi (NIST)
  • Mats Horsdal (Nordita)
  • Jainendra Jain (Penn. State)
  • Mehdi Kargarian (Sharif University of Technology)
  • Dmitry Kovrizhin (Oxford)
  • Achilleas Lazarides (Utrecht University)
  • Milicia Milovanovic (Belgrade)
  • Cristiane Morais-Smith (Utrecht)
  • Gunnar Möller (Camebridge)
  • Rudolf Morf (Paul Scherrer Institute)
  • Jaako Nissinen (Oslo)
  • Kåre Olaussen (NTNU)
  • Zlatko Papic (U. Paris-Sud & Belgrade)
  • Nicolas Regnault (ENS, Paris)
  • Ivan Diego Rodriguez (NUI Maynooth)
  • Raoul Santachiara (CNRS)
  • Masatoshi Sato (Tokyo)
  • Kareljan Schoutens (Amsterdam)
  • Alexander Seidel (Washington U, St. Louis)
  • Kirill Shtengel (UC Riverside)
  • Steven Simon (Oxford & NUI Maynooth)
  • Joost Slingerland (Dias & NUI Maynooth)
  • Juha Suorsa (Oslo)
  • Miguel Tierz (Brandeis)
  • Simon Trebst (Microsoft Station Q)
  • Jiri Vala (NUI Maynooth)
  • Smitha Vishveshwara (UIUC)
  • Xin Wan (APCTP Pohang)
Albanova University Center Roslagstullsbacken 23 106 91 Stockholm Sweden