August 17, 2009 to September 11, 2009
Europe/Stockholm timezone


Although most people will be staying at the Nordita apartments, there are a few of you who will be staying at Matsällskapet. For those of you, here is some useful information.

The address of Matsällskapet

Bockholmsvägen 1, Solna
Telefone: +46-8-660 57 55

Directions to Matsällskapet

  • First, one travels from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Central Station, with the airport bus, and get of at Stockholm City (the last stop), or by taking the airport train Arlanda Express to the Central Station.
  • At the central station, follow the signs to the subway, and take the red line number 14 in the direction of Mörby Centrum, and get off at the station Bergshamra. Take the exit towards the south, which is the direction you came from.
  • From the subway station Bergshamra, it's a walk of about 1km to Matsällskapet. Follow Gamla vägen to the south, see the map and photo

From Matsällskapet to Nordita

The easiest way to get from Matsällskapet to Nordita is to take the subway at the station Bergshamra (see above), and take the red line 14 in the direction of Fruängen (any one to the south will do). Get of at the second station KTH (Tekniska högskolan). Walk to the north-west, and follow the signs to the exit Körsbärsvägen; from there, follow the directions on the map below, which takes about 10 minutes.

See also the website of Matsällskapet.