MITP Workshop "Cosmic-Rays and Photons from Dark Matter Annihilation: Theoretical Issues"

<a href="">Schloss Waldthausen</a> near Mainz, Germany

<a href="">Schloss Waldthausen</a> near Mainz, Germany

Indirect detection of dark matter through galactic cosmic-rays and photon emission has received renewed attention in the wake of observations like a positron excess and tentative gamma-ray lines. This workshop will bring together researchers interested in refining the physics and astrophysics of dark matter annihilation in dark halos. Among the issues: systematics of particle theories, calculational methods, connection to direct and other searches, cosmic ray propagation models, and small scale structure of dark halos.

This MITP workshop follows immediately the "9th Patras Workshop on Axions, WIMPs, and WISPs," which takes place at the same location June 23-28, 2013 (scientific program starting June 24).

Scientists interested in participating to the topical workshop are encouraged to apply and submit abstracts by May 29, 2013 via the application form on the left. Participants to the topical workshop can receive full board and lodging at Schloss Waldthausen from the evening of June 28 to the evening of July 2. Participation is subject to approval.

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External organizers:
Paolo Gondolo (University of Utah)
Joakim Edsjo (Stockholm University)
Christoph Weniger (University of Amsterdam)

Local organizer at MITP:
Uwe Oberlack