9 January 2014
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Sweden has long history of involvement in both radio astronomy (Onsala Space Observatory) and in radio space physics (IRF). Since 2012 Sweden, through Onsala, is a full member of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project and Sweden is involved in the design phase of this transformational radio telescope which will be built by the end of this decade. Other countries involved are Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK. India participates as an associate member and a number of other countries are in negotiation to join as full members,

SKA will cover the frequency range from 50 MHz to 14 GHz with three different arrays, SKA_Low, SKA_Mid and SKA_Survey. For more information see the SKA website.

This one-day meeting is intended for Swedish scientists who want to know more about SKA, find out how it could be relevant for their research, and how they can get involved.

The meeting will take place in Stockholm, at the AlbaNova University Center on Thursday January 9, 2014.

The programme will consist of a number of invited talks presenting SKA and its science programme plus contributed talks from members of the Swedish community. These contributed talks will be 20- 30 minutes in length and present research (not necessarily radio) which is relevant and complementary to the science goals of SKA. A partial list of speakers and provisional titles is given below.

Registration - To attend please register before December 6th by filling in the online form. Please indicate if you wish to give a contributed talk by entering a title. Given there is limited time for contributed talks we will give priority to proposed talks submitted early.

Invited speakers

  • John Conway (Director Onsala) - SKA & Swedish Involvement
  • Robert Braun (Science Director SKA) - SKA Science Overview
  • Michael Kramer (Max Planck Inst for Radio Astronomy, Bonn) - Fundamental Physics with Pulsars
  • Matt Jarvis (Oxford) - Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution
  • Garrelt Mellema (Stockholm) - Epoch of Reionization & the Cosmic Dawn

Contributed talks by

  • Susanne Aalto - Feeding and Feedback in AGNs and Starbursts
  • Per Bergman - Astrochemistry
  • Nils Bergvall - Properties of starburst galaxies in the Sloan survey. Clues to early galaxy evolution and reionization
  • Melvyn Davies - Transients
  • Emily Freeland - HI observations of galaxies in clusters and maybe also intergalactic gas and the cosmic web.
  • Cathy Horellou - Radio observations of clusters of galaxies
  • Peter Lundqvist - Search for Radio Emission in Type Ia Supernovae.
  • Erik Zackrisson - SKA as a probe of dark halo substructure and Lyman continuum leakage
  • Göran Östlin - Neutral Gas in Galaxies via Lyman-alpha and HI

More detailed information about the programme will be made available later.