Jun 14 – 16, 2023
AlbaNova Main Building
Europe/Stockholm timezone


The conference of the Swedish Physical Society, Fysikdagarna, was held in Stockholm 14–16 June 2023 with lectures, poster session and lab tours taking place in the main building in  AlbaNova University center

We are happy to mention the Poster Prize Winners

  1. Nils Heyer, Uppsala universitet: Deep Learning Based Event Reconstruction for the IceCube-Gen2 Radio Detector
  2. Lisa Andersson Loman, Lunds universiet: Kaons in LDMX - Validation of Simulation
  3. Yazareth Peña Rodríguez, Göteborgs universitet: Binding energy of a highly mixed excited state in Rh- and an approach to gain resolution in laser photodetachment threshold spectroscopy

decided by the Poster Prize Committee: Elin Bergeås Kuutmann, Uppsala University, Marcus Dahlström, Lund University, Chong Qi, KTH.

The address is Roslagstullsbacken 21. How to find the venue.

Photo: Nora Odelius (CC-BY)The conference consisted of plenary lectures (Wednesday afternoon and Thursday  morning) and parallel sessions organized by the individual sections. On Wednesday afternoon, there was a poster session, lab tours and a conference dinner. The open annual meeting of the Swedish Physical Society and announcement of the Oseen medal was organised on Thursday afternoon. The exhibition and poster session was open Wednesday and Thursday. There were excursions for Nobelmuseum and "Ytterby gruva", primarily but not solely for high school teachers, on Friday, where as other sections continued with activities in AlbaNova. Check the timetable for an easy overview.

Key dates:

Vädersolstavlan, one of the first displays of the capital, depicts a "Sun Dog" phenomenon over medieval Stockholm on April 20, 1535. Photo: Nora Odelius (CC-BY)

Plenary speakers:

  • Macarena Garcia Marin (European Space Agency) - Exploring the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Raymond Pierrehumbert (University of Oxford) - Universal climate physics - from exoplanets to Earth’s fate
  • Anna Danielsson (Stockholms universitet) - Gender and physics: Perspectives on culture and identity in physics education
  • Olga Botner (Uppsala universitet) - IceCube - the frozen telescope
  • Karl Grandin (Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien) - A Glimpse inside the Nobel archives
  • Armin Tavakoli (Lunds universitet) - Entanglement and the 2022 Nobel prize in physics
  • Sofia Qvarfort (Nordita) - Nordita: A smörgåsbord of theoretical physics research
  • Joachim Nilsson (Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Solna) - Why more patients should choose the nuclear option
Information about the conference are posted in the Swedish version or the English version of the conference poster.
Organisation: Chad Finley, Kerstin Jon-And, Emely Kjellsson Lindblom, Josefin Larsson, Linda Megner, Michael Odelius (Chair), Henning Zettergren, Barbro Åsman
AlbaNova Main Building
Oskar Klein Auditorium FR4
Roslagstullsbacken 21, 114 21 Stockholm
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