Quantum Matter in Low Dimensions: Opportunities and Challenges

132:028 (Nordita)



Eddy Ardonne (Nordita) , Giuseppe Mussardo (Sissa, Italy) , Henrik Johannesson (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
The workshop is aimed at bringing together experts in the fields of nanoscale and low-dimensional condensed matter physics, quantum gases, integrable models, statistical and quantum field theory, and mathematical physics, to develop interdisciplinary communication and collaborations. Experimentalists will be visiting for shorter periods, to provide overview talks on recent developments. An important aspect of the workshop is to boost fundamental theoretical research on nanoscale and low-dimensional systems.

Problems that will be covered during the program are
  • Theory for nanoscale devices for cold atoms (”atomic chips”)
  • Development of Bethe Ansatz techniques to describe non-equilibrium and transport phenomena in low-dimensional systems
  • Calculation of correlation functions in integrable quantum field theories and lattice models
  • The study of disorder and interaction effects in topological insulators
  • Theory for quantum phase transitions into topologically ordered states
  • Correlation effects in graphene
  • Interferometry of non-Abelian quantum Hall states
  • Quantum impurities and entanglement in quantum information devices
  • Conformal field theory and topological quantum computation

To apply for participation, please use the 'Application Form' in the menu on the left. The deadline for application is April 30, 2010. Decisions on participation will be made early in May, 2010.

From Monday, September 6th, till Friday, September 10, 2010, a conference, co-sponsored by INSTANS, will be held. Information about the conference, including a list of invited speakers, as well as a registration page, can be found on the conference website .
  • Alexander Protogenov
  • Amir Jafari Salim
  • Anders Karlhede
  • Anders Ström
  • Andrea Cappelli
  • Andrea De Luca
  • Annica Black-Schaffer
  • Antoine Sterdyniak
  • Anton Akhmerov
  • Benoit Estienne
  • Daniel Cabra
  • David Mross
  • Davide Fioretto
  • Eddy Ardonne
  • Egor Babaev
  • Emil Bergholtz
  • Emma Wikberg
  • Erik Eriksson
  • Evgeniy Mozgunov
  • Fabian Essler
  • Fabio Franchini
  • George Japaridze
  • Gesualdo Delfino
  • Giovanni Viola
  • Giuseppe Mussardo
  • Gunnar Moller
  • Hans Hansson
  • Hans-Peter Eckle
  • Henrik Johannesson
  • Jaakko Nissinen
  • Jack Lidmar
  • Janik Kailasvuori
  • Jiri Vala
  • Jonas Fransson
  • Joost Slingerland
  • Jose Carmelo
  • Kirill Shtengel
  • Liza Huijse
  • Markus Kindermann
  • Masaki Tezuka
  • Massoud Ramezani Masir
  • Masud Haque
  • Mats Wallin
  • Michele Burrello
  • Nicolas Regnault
  • Omar El Araby
  • Paata Kakashvili
  • Pasquale Sodano
  • Robert Konik
  • Rudolf Morf
  • Sergei Rutkevich
  • Steven Simon
  • Sumathi Rao
  • Tommaso Macri
  • Vadim Cheianov
  • Ville Lahtinen
  • Vincenzo Alba
  • Wolfgang Häusler
  • XiaoZhong Yuan
  • Zlatko Papic