36th International Symposium on Free Radicals

Conference center, room 4204 (Albano Building 3, floor 4)

Conference center, room 4204

Albano Building 3, floor 4

Albanovägen 29
Mats Larsson (Stockholm University), Richard Thomas (Stockholm University), Wolf Geppert , Åsa Larson (Stockholm University)


Albano Building 3, floor 4, Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden

Conference center, room 4204

Greetings from Stockholm, and the local organising committee for the 36th International Symposium on Free Radicals.

The 36th International Symposium on Free Radicals will be held in Stockholm starting Sunday 3rd July and finishing on Friday 8th July. Considering the continuing climate, this Symposium will be run as a hybrid meeting. The lectures will be held in a new (2021) and fully equipped smart lecture theatre which will provide the best possible environment for a hybrid meeting

We look forward to a great and scientifically exciting and rewarding meeting.
We wish you all the best during these continuing Covid times,
Åsa, Mats, Wolf, and Rich.

General scope

The International Symposium on Free Radicals Committee is a non-profit organization authorizing and promoting the holding of scientific and educational meetings on a biannual basis on the subject of free radicals, which are important intermediates in complex chemical reactions

Free radicals play a vital role as intermediates in many chemical reactions including those involved in combustion and chemical synthesis, as well as ones in the atmosphere and in interstellar space. The International Free Radicals Symposium was established nearly fifty years ago to bring together workers at the frontier of research in a wide variety of areas of free radical chemistry with particular emphasis on the spectroscopic identification, characterization and dynamics of radicals. The composition of the International Committee below, guarantees the high scientific level of these meetings.

While the theme of present meetings remain the same as for the first Free Radicals Symposium, the experimental and theoretical approaches, as well as the applications, have advanced tremendously. Whereas at that time, the presence or importance of free radicals in a particular process was typically only inferred or hypothesized, today using modern spectroscopic means of detection their presence cannot only be proven but the radicals themselves characterized in great detail. Indeed what once was seen as "through a glass darkly," has now been illuminated brightly by lasers and other means of detection.

The study of radicals, and their radiative and dynamical properties has shed light on a vast variety of physical and chemical processes. These processes span an environment from inside every living being, through the fires of combustion, to our atmosphere, and beyond to the observable limits of interstellar space. Indeed some free radicals have been observed for the first time in interstellar space before they could be produced in the laboratory. Therefore the Free Radicals Symposia are strongly interdisciplinary with chemists, physicists, astrophysicists and environmental scientists participating, resulting in a conference unique in its creative interaction between diverse disciplines in both their theoretical and experimental aspects.

Topics appropriate for coverage at a Free Radicals meeting include:

  • Spectroscopy of radicals

  • Structure of free radicals

  • Free radicals and atmospheric chemistry

  • Free radicals as reaction intermediates

  • Production and observation techniques

  • Dynamics and reaction kinetics, theory and experiment

  • Molecular ions and molecules in excited states

  • Interstellar spectroscopy and chemistry

  • Free radicals in applied research


In person participation will be limited to 60 people. Invited speakers will be encouraged to attend in person, but we know that this situation can change at very short notice depending on your own circumstances and the dictates of Swedish/European and local (non-EU) government travel restrictions at the time of the meeting, e.g., vaccination status/covid-test etc etc. Maximum remote participation is effectively 500 people.

International Committee Meeting

The meeting of the International Committee will take place on Thursday 7th July, starting at 11:30 CEST. This will be a hybrid meeting held on Zoom between those committee members in Stockholm and those members who are not. The Zoom address was sent to all committee members bv the chair of the International Committee, Terry Miller. The local hosts will be Rich Thomas and Mats Larsson.



Invited speakers

Pei-Ling Luo Academica Sinica, Taiwan
Lisa Whalley University of Leeds, United Kingdom (remotely)
Claire Vallance University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Sandra Brunken Radboud University/Felix Laboratory, Netherlands
Laura McCaslin  Sandia National Laboratory, United States of America
Gunnar Nyman University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Roland Wester University of Innsbruck, Austria
Alexander Konnov Lund University, Sweden
Ian Sims University of Rennes, France
Gary Douberly University of Georgia, United States of America
Nadia Balucani University of Perugia, Italy
Tang Xiaofeng Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences, China (remotely
Gernot Friedrichs University of Kiel, Germany
Chris Hansen University of New South Wales, Australia  
Lok Yiu (Kathy) Wu University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Nami Sakai RIKEN, Japan (remotely)
Arkke Eskola University of Helsinki, Finland


Nordita is the main hosting organisation.

Registration to be considered for on-site participation will close on May 25th, and will be considered on a first come, first serve basis, apart for all invited speakers for whom a place is secured. The limit for on-site participation is 60 participants, including invited speakers. Registrants will then receive an on-site/remote participation confirmation from the organizers by May 27th, such that there is sufficient time to make visa applications, and hotel and flight bookings.

Any registration made after the 25th of May will be considered as a registration for remote participation.

Abstract submission

From the submitted abstracts, the local organising committee will select two or three and invite the person selected to present the poster an opportunity to make a hot-topic oral presentation. This can either be an in-person or remote presentation as your circumstances dictate.

More information on the planned poster sessions will be made available at the end of May.

Please download the file titled "Abstract submission template" found at the bottom of this page, write your abstract and relevant information, and then upload the completed abstract as a pdf file through the "Abstract submission" link in the side menu. Note that you will have to enter the abstract title and presenting author, and upload the pdf in order to fully submit your abstract.

Conference fee and financial support

The conference fee for ALL participants will be ZERO. The conference organizers will cover the reception on Sunday evening, coffee breaks, and evening meals for the duration of the conference (Monday through Thursday) for all delegates. All delegates are responsible for their own lunches: there are four restaurants on-site within a few minutes walk, and the whole city is 20-30 minutes walk away.


Sufficient hotel rooms have been block-booked for all delegates at two of the closest hotels to the conference site. Please note the booking deadlines imposed by the hotels for making use of the arranged rooms. The conference organizers will cover single-room hotel costs for all invited speakers for the duration of the conference (Sunday night - Friday morning), and will assist if you need/want to make other arrangements at the block-booked hotels OR for bookings elsewhere, e.g. youth hostels etc for students. Please note that all delegates who are attending in person are responsible for booking their own accommodation, including invited speakers. 

Elite Hotel Arcadia

This hotel is nearest to the conference venue and you can book a room directly using this link: 5162958 - Sthlm universitet (elite.se)

Best Western Plus Time Hotel

Book a room by contacting info@timehotel.se and giving booking code 0407STOCK. More info following this link Best Western Plus Time Hotel.

International committee

T. A. Miller (Columbus) Chair F. Temps (Kiel)
S. Kable (Australia) (Secretary) R. Colin (Brussels)
R. Continetti (San Diego) M. Larsson (Stockholm)
E. Bieske (Australia) Y. Ohshima (Tokyo)
E. Hirota (Yokohama) B. A. Thrush (Cambridge)
J. Maier (Basel) D. Osborn (Livermore)
T. C. Steimle (Tempe) K. Tsukiyama (Tokyo)
P. Casavecchia (Perugia) L. Halonen (Helsinki)
W. E. Jones (Halifax) Y. P. Lee (Taipei)
A. J. Merer (Taipei) T. Suzuki (Kyoto)
C. Taatjes (Livermore) R. F. Curl (Houston)
D. Chandler (Livermore) C. Fittschen (Lille)
J. J. ter Meulen (Nijmegen) N. Balucani (Perugia)
M. I. Lester (Philadelphia) P-L Luo (Taipei)
X. Yang (Dalian) J. Zhang (Riverside)

Sponsored by

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Application Form
  • Aashini RAJPAL
  • Aleksei Torbin
  • Alexander Konnov
  • Anthony Hynes
  • Arkke Eskola
  • Barbara Noziere
  • Brianna Heazlewood
  • Chloe Miossec
  • Christa Fittschen
  • Christopher Hansen
  • Claire Vallance
  • Craig Taatjes
  • Cristian Bonato
  • Cuihong zhang
  • Dai Ikeda
  • Daniel Alba-Elena
  • Daniel Gonzalez Perez de Madrid
  • Dwayne Heard
  • Elisabetta Canè
  • Filippo Tamassia
  • Gary Douberly
  • Gernot Friedrichs
  • Gunnar Nyman
  • Guodong Zhang
  • Ian Sims
  • Ingo Fischer
  • Jeffrey Stryker
  • Jim Lin
  • Jingsong Zhang
  • Jun Li
  • Kenneth McKendrick
  • Kenta Mizuse
  • Ketan Sharma
  • Klavs Hansen
  • Koichi Tsukiyama
  • Kuanliang Shao
  • Lei Yang
  • Lisa Whalley
  • LIU Ling
  • Lok Yiu (Kathy) Wu
  • Ma Liying
  • Maria Teresa Baeza Romero
  • Marius Gerlach
  • Mark Pfeifle
  • Mark Stockett
  • María Antiñolo
  • Mathias Poline
  • Mats Larsson
  • Min Cheng
  • Nadia Balucani
  • Nami Sakai
  • Oleg Vasilyev
  • Olivier Durif
  • Otto Dopfer
  • Patrick Hemberger
  • Patrik Hedvall
  • Pei-Ling Luo
  • Richard Thomas
  • Robert Continetti
  • Roland Wester
  • Sandra Brünken
  • Sebastian Hesse
  • Shoma Hoshino
  • Shutaro Karashima
  • Takeshi Oka
  • Terry Miller
  • Thanh Lam Nguyen
  • Thomas Hearne
  • Tobias Preitschopf
  • tonghui yin
  • Toru Sasaki
  • Toshinori Suzuki
  • Tsegaye Bojago Dado
  • xiangkun wu
  • Xiaofeng Tang
  • Xiaohu Xu
  • Yasuhiro Ohshima
  • Yuan Qin
  • Zeyou Pan
  • Zhu Boxing
  • Zihao Zhang
  • Zuoying Wen
  • Åsa Larson