The Return of de Sitter

Ariel Goobar (Fysikum, Stockholm University), Fawad Hassan (Fysikum, Stockholm University), Stefan Hofmann (Nordita & LMU, Munich)
The goal of the program is to bring together leading researchers in observational and theoretical physics focusing on the evidence for dark energy and its technical natural embedding within the effective field theory framework and fundamental theories.

The intention is to create a stimulating atmosphere with plenty of time for discussions and for exploring new paths to physics beyond the standard models of particle physics and gravity in a friendly and warm environment.

The program will include a 1 week introductory course aiming to introduce beginning graduate and advanced level undergraduate students to the basic observational and theoretical aspects of the subject.

The research topics to be covered include:

  • Cosmological Probes of Dark Energy
  • Induced gravity on higher codimension surfaces and defects
  • K–Essence
  • Alternatives to the Cosmological Constant
  • Technical Naturalness as a qualified guide to new physics
  • Vacuum structure
  • Stringy perspectives
Program Posters (PDF format, A4)
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
<bf> The program includes a preparatory school (Feb 28 - March 4) and a workshop (March 7 - 16). Workgroup activities will take place outside these periods.</bf>
  • Adam Riess
  • Alex Kim
  • Alexander Merle
  • Andreas Albrecht
  • Andrew Liddle
  • Andrew Tolley
  • Angnis Schmidt-May
  • Annalisa Mana
  • Ariel Goobar
  • Arkady Vainshtein
  • Bo Sundborg
  • Brice Ménard
  • Bruno Leibundgut
  • Cedric Deffayet
  • Claudia de Rham
  • Constantinos Skordis
  • Dario Capasso
  • David Marsh
  • Dennis D. Dietrich
  • Dominik Schwarz
  • Edvard Mörtsell
  • Eric Linder
  • Fawad Hassan
  • Felix Berkhahn
  • Florian Kühnel
  • Florian Niedermann
  • Gregory Gabadadze
  • Hans Arnold Winther
  • Ignatios Antoniadis
  • Jakob Jönsson
  • Jakob Nordin
  • Jean-Paul kneib
  • Jesper Sollerman
  • Jochen Weller
  • Joel Johansson
  • Jonas Enander
  • Julien Bel
  • Justin Khoury
  • Karl Andersson
  • Kerstin Paech
  • Lars Bergstrom
  • Lavinia Heisenberg
  • Marcus Berg
  • Marisa March
  • Martin Sahlén
  • Michael Blomqvist
  • Michael Kopp
  • Mikael von Strauss
  • Nemanja Kaloper
  • Parvin Moyassari
  • Paulo Santos
  • Rachel Rosen
  • Rahman Amanullah
  • Robert Schneider
  • Sami Nurmi
  • Shirley Ho
  • Stefan Hofmann
  • Stefan Sjörs
  • Stephen Appleby
  • Syksy Räsänen
  • Yashar Akrami
  • Yong-Seon Song