30th Nordic Network Meeting on "Strings, Fields, and Branes"

room 4204 (Nordita, Stockholm)

room 4204

Nordita, Stockholm

Agnese Bissi (Uppsala University), Henrik Johansson (Uppsala University and Nordita), Marco Chiodaroli (Uppsala University), Paolo Di Vecchia (Nordita)


Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden


The 30th Nordic Network Meeting on ''Strings, Fields and Branes'' will be held 22-24 November 2021 and hosted by Nordita, which is located near the AlbaNova University Center in Stockholm. The meeting will start on Monday the 22nd at 13.00 and end on Wednesday the 24th at around 13.00. The lectures and talks will be in the new Nordita building, lecture room 4204 (4th floor). The new Nordita building is located north of the AlbaNova building (towards the lake).


The program will consist of lectures by invited plenary speakers, and short talks by students and young researchers who wish to contribute. The lectures include

  • Fridrik Freyr Gautason (Iceland U.): From Janus interfaces to holographic conformal manifolds
  • Charlotte Kristjansen (NBI): Defects & D-branes as Integrable Boundary states
  • Eirik Eik Svanes (Stavanger U.) :  Moduli and topological field theories: A heterotic case study


For participants that wish to apply for the opportunity to give a short talk, or that need accommodation, the deadline is 1 November, 2021Added note: the registration for in-person participation closed on 15 November, 2021.  Non-registered participation is available through Zoom.

Zoom Coordinates

The meeting can be attended through Zoom via the following link.

Meeting ID: 696 2266 4454

Accommodation and Financial Support

Accommodation (for two nights) will be available free of charge for Nordic and Baltic participants that apply before the deadline 1 November, 2021. Travel expenses can unfortunately not be covered by Nordita.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch will be provided on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a workshop dinner will be organized on Tuesday evening.  


Local organizing committee: Agnese Bissi, Marco Chiodaroli, Paolo Di Vecchia, and Henrik Johansson

Sponsored by

  • Agnese Bissi
  • Alessandro Georgoudis
  • Alex Edison
  • Alexander Söderberg
  • Andres Luna
  • Anne Spiering
  • Azeem Hasan
  • Bram Verbeek
  • Charles Thull
  • Charlotte Kristjansen
  • Daniel Panizo
  • Dinh-Long VU
  • Dongsheng Ge
  • Edoardo Vescovi
  • Eirik Eik Svanes
  • Filippo Maria Balli
  • Florian Niedermann
  • Francesco Alessio
  • Fridrik Freyr Gautason
  • Gerben Oling
  • Giulia Fardelli
  • Henrik Johansson
  • Ingrid Vazquez-Holm
  • Jacopo Sisti
  • Javier Murgas
  • Javier Subils
  • Johannes Lahnsteiner
  • Jose Manuel Penin Ascariz
  • Juan S. Cruz
  • Kays Haddad
  • Konstantin Zarembo
  • Lorenzo Ruggeri
  • Lucia Maria Garozzo
  • Lucile Cangemi
  • Magdalena Larfors
  • Maor Ben-Shahar
  • Marco Chiodaroli
  • Martin Sloth
  • Matthew Magill
  • Max Guillen
  • Maxim Zabzine
  • Michele Del Zotto
  • Nicolò Piazzalunga
  • Niels Obers
  • Nils Matthes
  • Oscar Henriksson
  • Paolo Di Vecchia
  • Paolo Pichini
  • Rahul Poddar
  • Robin Marzucca
  • Rodolfo Panerai
  • Roman Mauch
  • Ronnie Rodgers
  • Salvatore Raucci
  • Simon Ekhammar
  • Sourav Sarkar
  • Usman Naseer
  • Victoria Martin
  • Watse Sybesma
  • Yong Zhang
  • Yuta Sekiguchi
  • Ziqi Yan