Amplitudes 2016 International Conference

F2 (KTH Campus) (Nordita, Stockholm)

F2 (KTH Campus)

Nordita, Stockholm

Henrik Johansson (Nordita and Uppsala University) , Joseph Minahan (Uppsala University) , Konstantin Zarembo (Nordita) , Monica Guică (Nordita and Uppsala University) , Paolo Di Vecchia (Nordita)

Amplitudes 2016

Scattering amplitudes have played a central role in quantum field theory since its inception. Recent years have seen a remarkable advance in our understanding and in our ability to compute scattering amplitudes, both for theoretical and phenomenological purposes. At the peak of the Nordic summer, Nordita and Stockholm will serve as hosts for the international conference Amplitudes 2016. The conference is devoted to exciting developments in the field of scattering amplitudes and related subjects. This includes, but is not limited to: amplitudes in gauge, gravity, and string theories, AdS/CFT and integrability, integrand structure of SYM and supergravity, IR and UV behavior, mathematics of polylogarithms and integrals, Grassmannians and twistor string approaches, symmetries and soft theorems, and connections to LHC phenomenology.

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Invited speakers

  • Babis Anastasiou, ETH Zürich
  • Benjamin Basso, ENS Paris
  • Nathan Berkovits, São Paulo State
  • Zvi Bern, UCLA
  • Jacob Bourjaily, Niels Bohr Institute
  • Simon Caron-Huot, Niels Bohr Institute
  • Clifford Cheung, Caltech
  • Marco Chiodaroli, AEI Potsdam
  • Lance Dixon, SLAC
  • Claude Duhr, CERN
  • David Dunbar, Swansea
  • Einan Gardi, Edinburgh
  • Yvonne Geyer, Oxford
  • Michael Green, Cambridge
  • Omer Gurdogan, ENS Paris
  • Paul Heslop, Durham
  • Matin Mojaza, Nordita
  • Ricardo Monteiro, Oxford
  • Alexander Ochirov, Edinburgh
  • Jan Plefka, Humboldt
  • Robert Schabinger, Trinity College Dublin
  • Amit Sever, Tel Aviv University
  • Marcus Spradlin, Brown
  • Stephan Stieberger, MPI Munich
  • Jaroslav Trnka, UC Davis
  • Arkady Tseytlin, Imperial College
  • Yifan Wang, MIT
  • Congkao Wen, INFN Rome
  • Christopher White, Glasgow
  • Frank Wilczek, MIT
  • Ellis Yuan, IAS Princeton
  • Yang Zhang, ETH Zürich

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS Princeton)
  • Niklas Beisert (ETH Zürich)
  • Zvi Bern (UCLA)
  • Ruth Britto (Trinity College Dublin & IPhT/CEA Saclay)
  • Henriette Elvang (University of Michigan)
  • Gabriele Travaglini (Queen Mary U. of London)


The conference talks are located to the F2 lecture hall on the KTH campus, 15 min walk from Nordita, in the northern part of central Stockholm.

Social Events

Conference Poster

Amplitudes 2016 International Conference
Design: Josh Nohle and Hans Mühlen

Financial Support

The conference is supported through funding from Nordita, Uppsala University, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Wenner-Gren Foundations.

Nordita Uppsala University Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation Wenner-Gren Foundations

Conference series

Amplitudes 2016 at Nordita is part of a conference series that begun in 2009. Previous and upcoming conferences are:

    • 1
      On the Regge Limit of Polygonal Wilson Loops
      Speaker: Benjamin Basso (ENS)
    • 2
      One-Loop Integrands from the Riemann Sphere
      Speaker: Ricardo Monteiro (Oxford)
    • 3
      Two-Loop Amplitudes from the Riemann Sphere
      Speaker: Yvonne Geyer (Oxford)
    • 4
      Scattering Amplitudes and Cluster Algebras
      Speaker: Marcus Spradlin (Brown)
    • 5
      Multi-Regge Kinematics and Configurations of Points on the Riemann Sphere
      Speaker: Claude Duhr (CERN & UCLouvain)
    • 6
      The 3-Loop Soft Anomalous Dimension in Multi-Leg Amplitudes
      Speaker: Einan Gardi (Edinburgh)
    • 7
      Evaluating Four-Loop Three-Point Feynman Integrals by Differential Equations
      Speaker: Vladimir Smirnov (SINP MSU)
    • 8
      Untwisting the Pure Spinor Formalism
      Speaker: Nathan Berkovits (ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP)
    • 9
      Simplifying Color and Kinematic Structures of QCD
      Speaker: Alexander Ochirov (Edinburgh)
    • 10
      N=2 Supergravities as Double Copies of Gauge Theories
      Speaker: Marco Chiodaroli (AEI Potsdam)
    • 11
      Some Modular Properties of String Scattering Amplitudes
      Speaker: Michael Green (Cambridge)
    • Poster Session
    • 12
      Renormalization Group and the S-matrix
      Speaker: Simon Caron-Huot (NBI)
    • 13
      The Classical Double Copy
      Speaker: Christopher White (Glasgow)
    • 14
      Feynman Parametrization Revisited
      Speaker: Ellis Yuan (IAS Princeton)
    • 15
      Singularity Structure of Gravity Amplitudes
      Speaker: Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis)
    • 16
      The Amplitude Bootstrap Reloaded
      Speaker: Lance Dixon (SLAC)
    • 17
      Integration-By-Parts Reduction from Unitarity, an Algebraic Geometry Story
      Speaker: Yang Zhang (ETH)
    • 18
      Universality in the Soft Behavior of Dilatons in String and Field Theories
      Speaker: Matin Mojaza (Nordita)
    • 19
      Four Point Amplitudes and Correlators in Planar N=4 SYM
      Speaker: Paul Heslop (Durham)
    • 20
      Higgs Hadroproduction: a Laboratory for Perturbation Theory
      Speaker: Babis ANASTASIOU (ETH)
    • 21
      Superamplitudes and Non-renormalization Conditions in Supergravities
      Speaker: Yifan Wang (MIT)
    • 22
      A Worst Case Survival Guide for the Four-Loop Form Factor
      Speaker: Robert Schabinger (Trinity College Dublin)
    • 23
      New Relations for Einstein-Yang-Mills Amplitudes
      Speaker: Stephan Stieberger (MPI Munich)
    • 24
      Constraining Effective Actions via Scattering Amplitudes
      Speaker: Congkao Wen (INFN Rome)
    • 25
      Holography, Soft Theorems, and Infinite-Dimensional Symmetries of Flat Space
      Speaker: Clifford Cheung (Caltech)
    • 26
      Threshold Spectroscopy of Quantum Statistics
      Speaker: Frank Wilczek (MIT)
    • 27
      Asymptotic Uniqueness of The Veneziano Amplitude
      We consider weakly coupled theories of massive higher spin particles. This class of models includes, for instance, tree-level String Theory and Large-N Yang-Mills theory. The S-matrix in such theories is a meromorphic function obeying unitarity and crossing symmetry. We discuss the (unphysical) regime s,t ≫ 1, in which we expect the amplitude to be universal and exponentially large. We develop methods to study this regime and show that the amplitude necessarily coincides with the Veneziano amplitude there. In particular, this implies that the leading Regge trajectory, j(t), is asymptotically linear in Yang-Mills theory. Further, our analysis shows that any such theory of higher spin particles has stringy excitations and infinitely many asymptotically parallel daughter trajectories. More generally, we argue that any weakly coupled theory with at least one higher spin particle must have strings.
      Speaker: Amit Sever (Tel Aviv University)
    • 28
      On Scattering Amplitudes in Higher Spin Theories
      Speaker: Arkady Tseytlin (Imperial College)
    • 29
      Stratifying (Non-Planar) On-Shell Varieties
      Speaker: Jacob Bourjaily (NBI)
    • 30
      Integrable Chiral Scalars and Feynman Integrals
      Speaker: Omer Gurdogan (LPTENS)
    • 31
      CHY in the Collinear Limit
      Speaker: Jan Plefka (Humboldt U.)
    • 32
      The Maximally Symmetric Two-Loop QCD Amplitudes
      Speaker: David Dunbar (Swansea)
    • 33
      The Two-Loop Divergence of Gravity Reanalyzed
      Speaker: Zvi Bern (UCLA)