Many-Body Quantum Chaos, Bad Metals and Holography

E306 and P216 (SU campus)

E306 and P216

SU campus

Blaise Goutéraux, Tobias Zingg, Ulf Gran, Valentina Giangreco Puletti


The workshop is organized by Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden, and will be held in the Arrhenius Lab on the Frescati Campus of Stockholm University, just north of Nordita. See this Map of Frescati Campus where the routes from the subway station to the lecture halls E306 and P216 and the campus restaurant are shown.


The workshop will provide a forum for discussing recent cross-disciplinary advances in describing the dynamics of strongly-coupled many-body systems using notions from condensed matter, quantum chaos and holography. Emphasis will be placed on the impact on transport of fundamental bounds and the explicit/spontaneous breaking of symmetries. We will draw lessons on transport without quasiparticles, relevant both for theoretical models (e.g. holography, Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev) and experiments on bad metals and high Tc superconductors. This three-day event will bring together international leaders in condensed matter physics and high energy theory.

This workshop is supported by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through its Nobel Institute for Physics, the Wenner-Gren Foundation and Nordita.



The meeting starts at 9.00 am on Wednesday and ends at 5.00 pm on Friday.

Invited speakers

  • Matteo Baggioli (Crete U.)
  • Jens Bardarson (KTH)
  • Mike Blake (MIT)
  • Sera Cremonini (Lehigh U.)
  • Richard Davison (Harvard U.)
  • Balázs Dóra (Budapest U.)
  • Lara Faoro (U. Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6)
  • Saso Grozdanov (MIT)
  • Razvan Gurau (École Polytechnique)
  • Oscar Henriksson (U. of Helsinki)
  • Niko Jokela (U. of Helsinki)
  • Alexander Krikun (Leiden U.)
  • Andy Lucas (Stanford)
  • Raghu Mahajan (IAS)
  • Daniele Musso (Santiago de Compostella)
  • Aurelio Romero-Bermudez (Leiden U.)
  • Christopher Rosen (Imperial College)
  • Christiana Pantelidou (Durham U.)
  • Koenraad Schalm (Leiden U.)
  • Petter Säterskog (Nordita)
  • Julian Sonner (U. of Geneva)
  • Watse Sybesma (Utrecht)
  • Jan Zaanen (Leiden U.)
  • Vaios Ziogas (Durham U.)


If you want to participate in the workshop, please fill in the application form. For further information please visit the page Application.

There is no registration fee, but application is mandatory due to strict space limitations.

Application deadline: 1 September 2017, 16:00 CEST

Travel Reimbursement

PhD students and junior postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply for travel and accommodation grants to participate in the workshop. If you are interested in such a grant, please register before August 4 and mark the corresponding field in the application form, briefly summarize your interest in the program in the comments field, and indicate an estimation of your expected travel expenses. Since only a limited number of grants is available, decision concerning the grants will be made on a case-by-case basis and you will be notified shortly after the application deadline.


Nordita can book a limited number of rooms in the Stockholm apartment hotel BizApartments at a discounted rate, or at Matsällskapet Guestrooms. If you are interested in booking one of these rooms, you should register before August 4 and tick the corresponding box in the application form.

Further options for accommodation close to the conference venue can also be found under Accommodation.


Sponsored by:

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Wenner-Gren Foundations Nordita